She stepped out of her sports car and walked confidently into her apartment feeling happier than ever… She was going to be a star. She would sing her heart out. She was now a free woman.

A Song for Bola – Episode 2

Now to answer your question….

Bola had made up her mind never to beg her father for anything… and he kept to his word…he never called her for once or cared about her wellbeing. She didn’t care either…she could never forgive him for his horrid behavior towards her and her mother’s memory.

She had no skills…to find herself a job so she could save more. But she was too smart. Her beauty increased each day and men had no sooner started flocking around her like bees to a hive. She became an expert in manipulating their pockets and she prospered.

Her mother died not only of cancer but heartbreak….on several occasions she heard her weeping by herself …her husband hadn’t treated her well. She watched as her shoulders shook each lonely night and she’d vowed never to give any man her heart. A man was only good for his pocket and the product of his loins..his heart was out of the question.

It was another of such days where she was going to make more money….the client had called her earlier…he wasn’t much of a talker and she liked it…such a man knew what exactly what he wanted …her body. She never felt comfortable around talkers …they made her remember her noisy home.

She pushed the mini higher exposing clear brown skin…and straight legs that were balanced on the Louboutins she wore.

She was a sight to behold as she stepped into the club….a tall and shapely girl…her flat stomach caused her average bust to stand out and her narrow hips clamped tightly to the mini… she showed her cleavage shamelessly. Her heart shaped face was so smooth and glowed in the darkness of the club…her eyes were as clear and seducing like a rushing river and her lush lips well colored in red ink…called out her prey…

She paused as he called her to the corner of the club….she felt it as usual…all eyes were transfixed on her…she knew this…since her childhood she had been told numerous times that she was beautiful…

‘Hello’ she greeted the young man who looked quite funny…not that she cared…she was after his money not his looks…she had no business with that…

Settling down she waited for him to speak up but he was silent as if waiting for a signal…

‘Okay….walk over there…my boss has been waiting for you…he was attending to someone’…she looked over and felt glued to her sit…suddenly all her boldness fled and her legs felt soft like butter….their eyes met but he looked away quickly.

He was the most striking man she’d seen so far.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 2

‘Good evening’ she managed timidly obviously smitten by the cuteness…Rosemary was absolutely right! She thought….the guy was an Adonis.

She almost repeated herself because he hadn’t replied…he was fiddling with his phone which made her feel a bit annoyed….why was she even annoyed? Afterall she hated talkers…

He waved to the funny looking guy who brought out a bag…she quickly opened it and found Pound notes….he simply stared at her and nodded to the other man who scurried off like a rabbit…

‘Let’s get to business’ …he said it so gently and it almost sounded like an order…

Suddenly she felt sick…for the first time she felt like an object about to be used…he didn’t even respond to her greeting or say a word to her…

Who did he think he was anyway? But it was too late…he closed the door behind her ….

She sat on the bed not knowing what to do…for the first time she felt out of place…he didn’t even glance a second at her…he kept making phone calls and the last one made him curious. He smiled and rolled his eyes to whoever was on the other end… she envied the person…who brought smiles to such an aloof man…

Then he ended the call and stared straight at her…but she looked away quickly….this was going to be difficult…his eyes bore through her and made her think things she had no business imagining…

‘You eavesdropped’ he spoke again with that commanding tone….wow what an attitude…the guy was so full of himself…

She felt numb… what was she supposed to say…but before she could reply…he walked towards her and bruised her mouth with his.

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 2

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