Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dike following her Christmas themed photo shoot has been in the eyes of the storm.

The actress who is currently facing the heat with the photographer identified as Charliel Photography on Instagram, slammed the actress saying she had no right to remove their watermark from the pictures/photographs as it is their intellectual property.

Tonto Dike while reacting to the post said since she paid for the pictures, she has every right to do whatever she pleases with it.

‘Saturday noon, vugo called and Tonto was on the other end saying the price is too much as she can only pay 50,000 for a full day shoot, now get me correctly, We are pricey, we know what we are doing,anyone who has used our services in the past will tell you this ,so we needed tonto to know that this wasn’t about her being a celebrity! She kept arguing about paying 100,000, Finally, vugo paid 40,000 Saturday night and balanced 60,000 24th Dec. We did our part and delivered the images, then @vugo24 and @tontolet requested we remove our watermarks from the images, we clearly told her it was impossible as it was our intellectual property and rights, as this request wasn’t stated from the onset, You won’t go to a Gucci shop and ask the company to remove their trademarks because you paid for it (as tonto claimed in her SMS that she already paid for the services) so what?? She then had the nerves to go re-edit the images by removing our watermarks.
@tontolet I’ve lost all the respect I had for you as a human being, as you claim to empower and encourage young people and their enterprises but you LIE, you are FAKE, and you have disrespected a CREATIVE, I WILL BE NICE TO POST THE UNEDITED IMAGES WITH ALL YOUR FLAWS. SHAME ON YOU @TONTOLET. You may have been doing this to other creatives but don’t ever try this with a professional! Your LEAN 100K WASNT WORTH STEALING OUR RIGHTS’

These are the said photos:


  1. As a businessperson get these

    When they come with the tag ‘celebrity’ collect your money upfront or a deposit and and a signed agreement for balance.

    Signed agreement is when you are hungry for the job…many will refuse to pay hoping you will go to press.In their weird thinking that is good for them but disastrous for you.

    They book the whole day without paying and are 3 hours late..except your money is paid upfront,cancel and move one.
    Book the whole day without payment!avoid that with ‘celebrities’

    Many of them are simply ‘faworaja’…they are broke!

  2. Did she not pay for d services? If she didn’t pay in full, why did u release d pics? That’s hard to believe since u are a business man. Even if u go and take a passport pic of N400, it won’t be released until u pay in full. If by watermark u mean d label ‘charliel photography ‘ u displayed so boldly, I think that actually defaced d pictures. I wld have looked for a way to remove them myself.


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