Nollywood actress/politician Kate Henshaw teaches ladies a thing or two about being financially balance.

The mother of one took to her Twitter handle today, August 22, 2016, to say a woman should be financially balanced and capable taking care of herself.

Kate wrote: “I cannot for the life of me understand why a woman will not be financially stable or capable of holding her own should the need arise.”

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“You are cut off from family and friends. Taken out to another country. You cannot work… you don’t even have a phone… is that not prison?” she asked.

Sharing the photo below she wrote: “What if there is an emergency?? What will you do?”

Actress Kate Henshaw says women should be financially balanced

The photo shows the charred remains of what used to be her bedroom, with the roof gone and the walls blackened from the fire that gutted her twin duplex home last year.



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