It was your normal Friday, I woke up from sleep looked at the clock and when I saw the time (7:30), I nearly jumped out of my room through the roof in a bid to get up from my bed (I had computer class that morning by 8:00am and attendance was compulsory. The lecturer does a roll call and the  attendance is her C.A (30 marks)  and you must have up to 75% of her attendance before you can write the exam (school regulation that she was more than willing to enforce).

My room is roughly 30mins away from school if you rush, so it would take a miracle for me to make her class and I’ve barely made the required attendance. Well, a miracle happened (an expensive one) I called a cab that picked me up from my house and I did most of my dressing up in the back seat, I was ready in fifteen minutes and at school by 8:00am, the class rep made us wait for 30mins before he told us that the lecturer had called the night before and said that due to the convocation ceremony that day, she won’t make it to class. He got the message the night before and decided to tell us then.

Ajala's Travails: The Best Night of My Life

You Are Reading: Ajala’s Travails: The Best Night of My Life

I left the class but I think someone slapped him or something, don’t really know. I just know there was blood stains when I went for class on Monday. I was angry, I just wasted my time and money and was this close to a heart attack and it was all for nothing.

I had another class by 11:00am which was also cancelled last minute too, and that was the story for the rest of my day. I was strolling out of school feeling very horrible and thinking of how I would spend my night it was after all a Friday night. That was when I got the call that changed my day and night and possibly week, my friend Zeng was at the main campus and he wanted to party with his brothers, ( I forgot to tell you earlier, I was at the annex.

The main campus was where the convocation was at and I was “advised ” to study estate management by the school when my level in school was way higher than my G.P and I was just in second year Civil engineering, so my class was graduating and they wanted me there with them). I had planned not to attend but then I had a cursed day and going to my empty room and playing video game was not really a nice option. So I decided to go and be with my friends.

I went to the shuttle stop to board a trans-campus shuttle but that proved abortive, all their shuttle was either already out or at the work shop undergoing repairs and the one that would have conveyed us to the main campus just hit a cow in front of the gate and wont be able to make the journey. I didn’t let that stop me I went to the main park and boarded a bus, midway into the journey we were stopped by the police for a routine search, they insisted that they will search every nook and crony of the vehicle (very unlike them).

The delay made me arrive at the main campus by 8:00pm ( I smiled and told myself that the night was still young, better late than late). I went to K.C’s room to drop my bag, next I freshened up and changed. I was putting on my shoe when K.C told me not to, that clubs in their city didn’t check for shoes (it was a village, so I believed him).

We united with the rest of the fam and the rampage started. We went from one lodge to the other drinking, smoking and being stupid, we would stop random girls and start blabbing shit, we played “dare or dare while working on the road, it was fun galore (well that was what we thought we would do but the school was just too dry for comfort, everyone was off campus).

You Are Reading: Ajala’s Travails: The Best Night of My Life

We decided to go clubbing and that was when K.C remembered that the club we wanted to go too was not like the rest, they actually checked for shoes. I angrily walked with him to his room to put on my shoe, that was when my phone fell from my hand, the screen was supposed to be a gorilla glass 4 multisensory touch pad, lets just summarize by saying, the screen cracked and it stopped responding to touch and voice command. I got really angry and decided not to go again but K.C talked me into going (he said sitting in a dark room wont help matters it will just make it worse since I will have a lot of time to think but clubbing will do the opposite, I would be wasted and occupied).

I decided to go, the rest of the fam was supposed to send a cab to pick us when they get to the gate but they didn’t. we called and they told us they forgot, we had to trek to the gate and believe you me it was very far. We got to the gate exhausted and the only cab there would only go to the club if we will pay twice the price, we haggled and he agreed to go plus 50% the price. He drove for ten minutes and stopped. He asked us to come down if we won’t pay his initial price, we didn’t have any other option since if we stopped there we stood a chance of being robbed, so we agreed to his new price.

We got to the club and the driver, who was either high or stupid or both of them, crashed us into the round about and the members of the Military Police at the post arrested us (funny though they didn’t arrest the driver). There was a report of armed robbery and rape in the area and they were arresting any male above 15 as suspects. Now for starters am not supposed to be out that late (11:45pm), and am not  supposed to be in that dead village.

I was in tears, the MPs weren’t interested in our school IDs, We must get to their station our parents will come and bail us. I just kept thinking, how will I explain this to my parents? How will I even contact them since my phone was broken and I don’t have their number? I’ve heard stories of inmates beating people up and forcing you to lie on the floor alongside with their excrements.

We got to their station and one of their other prisoner went into cardiac arrest which was caused by panic attack K.C rushed to his side and helped to stabilize him while I played nurse (K.C is a Nursing student), we went with the boy to the hospital and after the doctors were done attending to him, they came to where we were waiting and applauded us for our bravery, according to them the boy would have died if we hadn’t administered the first aid, the head of the MP team decided to release us since he saw when we got down from the cab and we didn’t have any incriminating stuff on us.

We thanked him and ran off. When we got out there was no dispute as to where we were heading, we got a cab and raced back to K.Cs room, where I sat in the darkness thinking not just about my phone but my close call to a cell.

You Have Been Reading: Ajala’s Travails: The Best Night of My Life

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