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It is a man whom the gods want to kill they will first curse with madness.

By now, PDP is now better known as the People Desperate for Power, no doubt. When news emerged last month that Nigeria’s main opposition party, PDP was in search of a credible National Party Chairman with an intimidatingly clean record, we kept our fingers crossed.  You see, there are indeed many men and women of integrity in Nigeria though the hoodlums and yam eaters have mostly populated the government especially the past PDP administrations.  President Buhari’s wind of anti-corruption has left the buttocks of the fowl constantly open to prove that fact.

Following in the footsteps of the APC change mantra,  A ‘New PDP’ was chanted all over the place. The anticipation was building. Who was it going to be? Frank Nweke Jnr, Nuhu Ribadu,  Jimi Agbaje,  Donald Duke… The list of possible Technocrats with fresh blood of ideas running through their veins came up.

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All of a ‘suddenly’, the PDP gave itself a suicidal blow in the face. Hours after news broke that the APC had accepted the defection of one of its prodigal sons, the same man emerged as leader of the New PDP (APC is still in shock!). We uncovered the veiled bride of long hours of delibration and like a disappointed groom saw that it wasn’t the bride we hoped for.

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Unbelievable! It was Ali Modu Sherrif!

Ahn ahn! Wait, people can bear the same names abi? Let’s check the face.

Sorry, it’s the same Ali Modu Sherrif.

The rejected former acting chairman of the APC’s Board of Trustees and the same man who allegedly sponsors Boko Haram? Yes, that same one!

It became an “Adieu PDP” case. You see, in the light of recent events in Nigeria; from all the ‘Blame it on GEJ’ episodes, to the missing and remixed budgets, it is clear that the APC was not very prepared for the governance of Nigeria.  PDP on the other hand has proved beyond reasonable doubt what opposition means to them- that they are the neglected first wife of a powerful man and are desperately seeking to win his love.

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Just like a Nollywood movie however, the love potion sprinkled into the of Nigerian politics turned out to be poison and they will have the first taste of that meal. More than ever before, PDP has proved to be a conglomerate of decietful slytherins who are only after their stomach infrastructure and would do anything to ensure that the milk and honey of Nigeria flows their way again.

The PDP suddenly forgot how they joined the APC to consistently accuse Ali Modu of being a sponsor of terrorism?   What suddenly changed? Remember ye not the former things? What new thing is the PDP doing. A new day, a new agbada right?

Revenge is best served cold but this revenge the PDP has just served already turned sour a long time ago.

PDP house of hunger… the drama continues!


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