All you need to know about sterilizing your feeding bottle

AH93X4 Sterilizing Baby Bottles

There is no doubt that, scientifically, mother’s milk is best for the baby. However, there may be circumstances which oblige the mother to give up nursing the baby or to alternate between breastfeeding and formula feeding. fortunately, modern formulas are a great help to parents. Parents can, with the advice of their paediatrician, choose from the large array available the one which is best suited for their child.

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There are instructions supplied with every formula. These instructions and those of the paediatrician should be followed precisely when preparing a bottle.

It is a serious mistake to try to make the milk more concentrated in the belief that the baby will be better fed this way.

The only thing that happens is that the baby’s digestive processes are inhibited. Causing intestinal problems and possibly obesity.

Dehydration can be caused as well. The baby needs to use some of its own body fluids to dilute the concentrated preparation.

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The utensils used to clean the bottles, the bottles themselves and anything else used in the preparation of the formula should be sterilized before each use, either by boiling or by modern chemical methods or washing them with warm water.

 If you must bottle-feed your child, you will soon discover that there is a wide variety of products available to help you in this task. There are many types of bottles, nipples, sterilization systems, heating systems and other items that are practical and convenient. You should make sure that you choose the right bottles and nipples for your child and you should make sure that they are always in good condition. For example, the nipples should have no cracks and should be flexible. Finally, you should always be certain that the items used are properly sterilized.


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