Just before that good night kiss, there is something we should learn to do as parents; read a bedtime story to your child. Research has proven that both literacy and numeracy skills increase in children who read three to five times a week, which makes reading a bedtime story more like putting money into the bank and watching it grow.

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Here are five important reasons why reading a story to your little one before bedtime is necessary.

Builds stronger relationship

A one-on-one reading before bedtime strengthens the relations you’re your child.  There’s no E-mail, housework or television to create a distraction: just the two of you escaping on some fantastical adventure together.

 Helps their Vocabulary

Exposing your child to language will help expand their vocabulary, as it will introduce him or her to new words and different ways to use the ones they already know. An increased vocabulary can improve confidence as well. Being bold with language has a positive social effect in children.

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It introduces morals

Children’s books teach good moral! Rabbits get bullied by pink elephants, a cheeky duckling learns the value of honesty; the list is endless. Each night you’re reading together, they learn the importance of values, kindness to others, and why they should think about others.

 Develops their Imagination

Escaping to new and fantastical worlds within the pages of their favorite book will help your child learn to use their imagination. The kids watch the pages come to life outside, in the backyard.  Your child will learn to concentrate and listen, concentrate and re-create the images in their mind. This is a fundamental skill in being creative.

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It’s FUN!

Fun-time is always important for your child. One of the most important jobs of a parent is to provide their children with the tools necessary to grow into a wonderful human being.

Reading offers valuable educational, social and emotional learning tools that will provide your child a strong foundation to grow.



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