Hot weather is the perfect season for wearing dresses and showing some legs. And there is no better excuse than sun to put on some chic dress that will help us stand out from the crowd.

However, we can’t provide ourselves with a new dress every season. This can be very expensive and completely unnecessary, because who knows, maybe next season that dress will be completely out of style. The best option to save some money and not waste them on new clothes is to make a DIY dress that will be totally unique and made according to your body measurements.

Be creative and have fun while making a dress that will be your number one choice for the upcoming season.

1. Casual DIY Striped Swing Dress

2. DIY Maxi Wrap Dress

3. Easy DIY Mini Dress Sewing Pattern

4. Elegant Black and White Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

5. Everyday Knit Dress – DIY Tutorial

6. Free Sewing Pattern – Reversible Shift Dress

7. Night Out DIY Dress for Spring and Summer Season

8. Simple DIY Summer Dress – Free Sewing Pattern

9. Simple DIY Wrap Dress

10. Super Cool DIY Man’s Shirt Off the Shoulder Dress


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