While some of us can’t just keep our hair natural, there are some others who just can’t bring themselves to apply relaxers on their hair. (To each one his own!)

My naturalista friend is always quick to tell me she’s being the typical African lady by rocking her natural hair. Guess y’all have your different reasons. Anyways… If you fall into this ‘naturalista’ category, this piece is specially for you. I decided to be nice and do some research to help you people’s government.

I know natural hair can be a bit stubborn and styling it might be difficult… So I have put together this catalogue, showing different ways of styling your hair. Check it out:

The Cinnamon Roll Updo

natural hair

The Twisted Goddess


The “Frohawk”


The Mohawk


The Low-Cut

low cut

Two Doughs

two doughs

Nicole Marie Melton’s Top Knot

top knot

The Double Braid Bun

braid bun

The Twisty Topknot


The Halo Bun

halo bun


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