Many ladies have pretty floral shoes wasting away in their closets because they are wondering how to style it. This post is coming to your rescue!

You see, contrary to what many people believe, flowers go with everything, and they come in any shape, colour or form, to make our days better. They are a perfect print for shoes, they are feminine, interesting and somewhat girly. Besides this, floral shoes would completely get your outfit to stand out from the crowd. But how do I style it with my clothes? It’s not far-fetched.

How to style floral shoes

1. Keep your clothes, makeup and hairstyle simple. Floral shoes are quite a statement already, you don’t want to look like a pattern masquerade so try matching floral shoes with classic items, such as black t-shirts or white shirts, blue jeans, or black/white skinny jeans, and effortless hair. Let your shoes do the talking.

floral 3

2. Repeat using one bold colour of the print. Identify one colour in the floral print and wear it again. If the pattern has red roses, you can wear a red skirt with a white shirt. If the floral print has pink shades, you can match them with a pink t-shirt.

floral orange

3. If you have to match your shoes with a purse, make sure you have either the same floral print on the purse or a smaller floral printed purse with identical or similar floral print if not just stick to the basic bold colour with which you are matching your shoes or jewellery

floral shoes 1

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floral 7

You can also match patterns as long as the coordinate. For example:

Polka dot blouse and floral boots

floral shoes 4

Stripped blouse on floral court shoes

floral pattern

You can also try this risque look with floral pants on floral shoes but remember the rule of the size of floral prints. it worked perfectly here.

floral pants on shoes

Photo credit: Pinterest


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