The power of social media seems to be in force as American comedian, actor and producer Kevin Hart has reached out to a young Nigerian artist who posted a drawing of him on Twitter.

A Kaduna-based artist Eli Waduba Yusuf had posted the drawing two days ago, February 25, 2019, and asked users to retweet till it gets to Hart and it did.

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Yusuf wrote that he is a hyperrealism pencil artist and will like to be like Arinze Egbengwu who is best known for creating hyperrealistic pencil drawings.

“My name is Eli Waduba Yusuf Am a Nigerian, based in Kaduna. Am a hyperrealism PENCIL Artist, I hope to become like @Harinzeyart. Please, Retweet, let @KevinHart4real see it, thank you.”

Hart replied; saying he has seen it and will like to support Yusuf by paying him to do a pencil of three of his celebrity friends.

“I see it and I want to purchase it…I also want to support you and your amazing talent by giving you a fee to do a pencil drawing of 3 of my celebrity friends that I can gift it to. DM your info and let’s get to work!” the American tweeted.

Recall that in July 2018, DD reports that a then-11-year-old Nigerian artist Kareem Waris Olamilekan drew a stunning portrait of French president Emmanuel Macron in just two hours.

That defining moment enhanced the young boy’s recognition worldwide and changed his life for good.

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