Apple about to let you delete those annoying default Apps… Finally!


Finally! Apple about to let you delete those annoying default Apps

Good news to Apple iPhone users! Seems our long complains about those undeletable apps have been looked into. Report has it that we might finally be able to delete those annoying and unwanted default apps on our iPhones that we never use.

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There are currently 32 such apps and while most are vital, such as Contacts, Clock and Messages, there are many that users like me would rather delete or hide to free up space on the home screen for the apps that we actually use. They include: stocks, iBooks, Game Center and many more.

When the complaint first started going round, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the problem and said ‘it’s something we’re looking at’… Looks like he meant it.

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Appdevice has reportedly said that new code in iTunes suggests that the ability to delete the pre-installed apps could be coming in Apple’s next major software upgrade. The code suggests that the default apps instead of appearing on the home screen, will be hidden but not totally deleted and will still take up phone memory.

The most recent software for the iPhone and iPad – iOS 9.3 – was released last month. Apple is likely to unveil the upcoming iOS 10 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June.


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