Are you making any of these 10 most common parenting mistakes with your kids?

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Over the years, we have seen parents with so many good intentions go horribly wrong and make mistakes that can harm their kids and make them consider committing parents and, in extreme cases, even murder. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can be really harmful to kids.

10 Most common parenting mistakes according to psychologist
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  1. Giving Them Too Many Choices
    Many parents think children always should have endless choices when the reality is kids can be overwhelmed if they’re always given so many options.

2. Praising Them For Everything They Do
It’s very common now to see kids who are almost junkies for praise. They won’t do anything unless there is a payoff for them.

3. Keeping Them Too Busy
Many parents wrongly believe “activities” will keep their kid out of trouble, but often times this will lead to the child being burned out or even becoming a bully.

4. Thinking A Strict Religion Will Give Them Perfect Values And Save Them
The first time they see hypocrisy in their parents or the touted beloved leaders, the house of cards start to fall.

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5. Withholding Common Information About Important Topics — Like Sex
Many parents are terrified of talking about sex and believe avoiding discussing it with their children will save them. But I’ve seen 13-year-old girls get pregnant, sometimes just to flaunt it at their parents.

6. Being Hyper-Critical Of The Child’s Mistakes
It can be easy to assume intense scrutiny promotes success and makes kids better. But kids raised this way are driven to perfection in everything from looks, likability, sports, smarts, or you name it. When a mistake happens, they are worthless as a human being and start getting so angry that in some cases they will resort to self-harm even to the point of suicide.

7. Not Letting Kids Get Bored
Some parents think children are supposed to be stimulated at all times and it’s their job to avoid boredom. Then kids don’t learn to be creative and find the way out of boredom in themselves.

8. Not Limiting Screen Time
Whether it’s TV, video, games, phone or texting. It should be limited.

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9. Protecting Kids From Their Own Consequences And Loss
I see parents with good intentions get their kids everything, from a simple toy to buying them out of legal trouble, and suddenly are surprised when the child respects nothing. All of us need to learn losing is just another way to gain wisdom and experience about what not to do.

10. Not Regulating Food
And especially inquiring: “Are you full?” When this happens, typically your kid will load the plate again. That is an old survival program from our heritage as scarcity when food was not available. Kids then chase a full-filled sensation, not understanding each time you fill yourself, your stomach adapts to that as normal and expands.


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