‘Baby Silas is a Mini Version of Justin Timberlake’ – Jessica Biel


'Baby Silas Is A Mini Version Of Justin Timberlake' - Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and husband Justin Timberlake have been known to be notoriously private about their son. The couple might not be the most revealing when it comes to their baby son, Silas, but it sounds like the tiny tot is pretty much the cutest baby in showbiz… at least, according to his mom.

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After celebrating Silas’ first ever birthday last week, the 34-year-old actress opened up about motherhood. Jessica Biel revealed that her son is the splitting image of his gorgeous dad Justin. According to her:

'Baby Silas Is A Mini Version Of Justin Timberlake' - Jessica Biel
Photo credit: eonline.com

“They’re like the same person. It’s like a mini version of him… They like to sit and watch golf together. The only TV that Silas is allowed to watch is the Golf Channel, which is really funny. They just sit there on the couch staring at it. And they don’t communicate anymore. When golf is on, all the communication ends.” She said.

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She further revealed to PEOPLE magazine that she kept Silas’ birthday low-key and even made the birthday cake herself.

'Baby Silas Is A Mini Version Of Justin Timberlake' - Jessica Biel
Photo credit: Yahoo

“It was just a small family hang at the house. It was a lemon pound cake, almost. But it had zucchini in there.”

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The two reportedly started dating early 2007. Jessica and Justin kept their new relationship out of the public eye. The couple stepped out early 2008 for the wedding of celebrity stylist and costume designer Estee Stanley in Los Angeles. Around that time Jessica told the UK edition of GQ that, “Justin Timberlake is the one part of my life that I own.”

The two got married in October 19, 2012 and so far have one son together.


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