OMG!!! A newborn baby whose teen mother threw out of a fifth floor window, is miraculously alive. The 15-year-old mother, identified only as Azhen, allegedly panicked after giving birth to the baby boy in the toilet of her rented Chinese apartment.

Thanks to her landlady who was walking outside when she spotted the bloodied child on the ground and called the police who got Azhen arrested. During questioning, she reportedly confessed to trying to dispose of the child (which she would have aborted but for doctors who refused to perform an abortion on her because of her young age).

Reports however say that she became angry after her 19-year-old boyfriend Jiang Sung “showed no interest in helping her deliver the baby or taking her to hospital for the birth.” Jiang has since disappeared and the police are now searching for him. Meanwhile, the baby boy was taken to hospital and is said to have only suffered minor injuries.

This is very pathetic but thank God the baby is fine.



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