c18f1__ralph-and-russo-spring-2015-couture-collection-tea-length-shimmering-silver-dress-with-flora-applique-and-cape_resizedFashion capes are officially a big deal , super stylish way of transforming an ordinary look to the “I’m worth more than a million bucks” look. I’m sure you all are wondering what kind of look that is. Lol. It is the kind of look that steals the attention when you walk into a room. Capes add presence to your overall appearance . Isn’t it so cool to know that capes are synonyms with superheros such as superman and bat man but we get to wear them even when we are not on superhero duties. Capes come in various designs. Whether attached to a dress, re-imaged as a blazer or just styled as a top, they are equal part chic and whimsical . Just incase you are wondering how to pull off this edgy trend, I have included pictures as inspirations to guide you through your journey to “Cape town”. Be fashion forward darlings, Be chic in capes



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