Becca’s Nigerian husband, Daniel Tobi claims his mother-in-law is a witch so she can’t see his daughter


Daniel Oluwa Tobin Sanni, the husband of Ghana’s celebrated vocalist, Becca, has accused the singer’s mother of being a witch that flies at night and has allegedly ceased the singer from seeing her mother ever since she gave birth.

Becca gave birth in Canada and she had a lovely baby girl with her Nigerian husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobin Sanni a couple of months ago.

A close source to the family has allegedly revealed that the mother of the musician who lives in the United Kingdom is grief-stricken and devastated over the reason that she has not been given the access to have a look at her granddaughter let alone hold her in her harms. And reports claim the husband of the singer is solidly behind this.

She also said that the saddest aspect of the accusation is that Becca has also bought into the believe.

It is the tradition of Africans, especially Ghanaians to take care of their female children when they are bought to bed.

This enables the mothers to pass on the knowledge to their daughters on how newborn babies are taken care off and this privilege has not been extended to Becca’s mother all in the name of her being a witch, the family sourced claim.

The source also revealed that “Becca’s mother has only seen the child’s photo on the internet” just like us.

This accusation has gone a very long of way of dividing and separating families especially in our part of the world, Africa.

It’s quite strange since such accusation is mostly done by wives accusing their husband’s mother. But in the case of the singer, it is otherwise.


  1. I beg your pardon! How come? If this woman is a witch as he claims, why didn’t she bewitched her daughter but she prospers and got married to you and you’re now calling her a witch? How did you know she’s a witch. Are you one yourself? Baca, I admire you so much and I’m disappointed for you to accept someone call your mother, who gave you life and supported you in your career to this point, how come , she has suddenly become a witch? Becca, please, think again. Your mother is your mother no matter what. Dont allow anyone to come in between you and your mom. I’m so sad. What will you do or feel if your daughter grows up and the husband calls you a witch?


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