Become a regular runner in no time with these 5 simple tips


Running can be tough on beginners, but it will quickly evolve into an activity you crave every day. An incredible form of exercise, running increases health, blasts calories, and builds fitness. It’s also extremely versatile. You can enjoy the cardio in a gym, on a track, or outside in nature.

These 5 easy steps to become a regular runner will start you off on the right foot and help you stick with it!

5 Easy steps to become a regular runner
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1. Lace-up the right way

If you want to make running a regular part of your routine, consider buying shoes from a running speciality store. Wearing the wrong gear can wreak havoc on your running style and lead to running injuries. Your feet swell when you run, so wearing a pair at least half a size bigger than your street size is smart.

2. Have a plan

Don’t kick off your workout with a gruelling sprint. Pushing yourself to the limit without the time you need to build speed and endurance will lead to exhaustion, which could tempt you to quit early on. Instead, create a plan that incorporates stretching, a light warm-up, and a gradual build-up of intensity.

3. Fuel right

It’s important to find a happy medium between running on an empty stomach and running when you’re too stuffed to function. This type of cardio requires proper fuel, and it all comes down to timing. Small, energy-fueled snacks that hook you up with digestible carbs and sustained energy are perfect right before a run, but you should consume a meal of complex carbs and substantial protein 2-3 hours before your workout.

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4. Have fun with it!

Running should keep you stimulated and take you on adventures. Change the scenery by running in different environments. Jog through parks and nature trails to savour the fresh, outdoorsy air Mother Nature has to offer, or enjoy the exhilarating bounce you get from running on a track.

5. Challenge yourself

Part of the fun involves scoping out your potential and seeing what you’re capable of. Running the same distance daily for the same length of time will bore you to tears, and your body will adapt to the workout and stop showing signs of improvement. As you run regularly, you build muscle and gradually increase endurance abilities. Shake things up with different types of runs and challenge yourself by trying to make shorter times or incorporating high-intensity intervals. You’ll sculpt yourself into a stronger and speedier runner in no time!


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