In times past, being left handed in some parts of subsaharan Africa was considered as abnormal as having twin children. Thank God, due to civilization and intercultural and Christianity most of all that have been eradicated. DD will like to officially inform you that being left handed is actually cool. In fact, With the exception of George W Bush (a sore thumb in any group of men), the last five US leaders have all been left-handed ! Now how cool is that? The same goes for Nobel prize winners.

It is not coincidence as some may think, as studies in the preponderance of lefties in fields that are traditionally associated with intellect, such as mathematics and politics, have shown that left-handed people are simply smarter.

Some theories also claim that the right sided part of the brain which controls the left hand is superior to the left side of the brain.
In the world of sports, Wimbledon, boxing and cricket, swimming, handball and bat minting have all proved that lefties give their opponents a good run for their money having a natural advantage!


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