‘In love? I used to love her once, but now, I see her as a means to a very rich end, this would be our biggest job, a family with secrets, each would pay to keep their abnormalities from the world’ Kachi laughed heartily.

‘What about Helen’s son? Mark, he seems to be clean, you have not said a thing about him’ Oliver asked.

He’d worked together on the Ita family case with Kachi for a long time.

‘Mark is no angel, in fact, he is the reason Grace really opened up to me, we’ll talk about some other time, now I need all the information to find Grace, I need to know she is okay, she helped me very much’ Kachi sighed, Grace had really suffered, she had gone through hell in that cursed house, he was glad she had opened up to him.

Beneath the Roses – Episode 16

‘Nothing much, the pastor is still in the hospital bed, and I think Grace has returned, I saw her last night serving the Ita’s’ Oliver replied. He was sure of it, the girl that served dinner was Grace, he’d seen her many times when she met in secret with Romeo.

‘Are you sure about this? Then why didn’t she contact me? Why are her numbers not going through, this would be the greatest news ever’ Kachi dialled her numbers but they weren’t reachable.

‘I swear it, maybe I could go back to the house, and instruct her to meet you’ Olive suggested.

‘No, that would be dangerous, stay away from the Itas, now, we have to get evidence that the pastor is sleeping with his own daughter, we already have a voice note of Grace telling me how Mark raped her a lot of times, after which I convinced her to fix this a tiny video camera in the house to catch Helen and Nelson in action, which she did, now all that remains is our biggest fish, Pastor Ita and Rose’ Kachi clapped his hands excitedly.

‘You’re very smart, but I think we should take on just one person, too much of everything is bad’ Oliver advised, he wasn’t too comfortable with Romeo’s idea.

‘No, one person wouldn’t make me as rich as I want, so we take them all down’ Romeo replied not too pleased with Oliver countering him.

‘I still don’t support it, I say we take the pastor down, he was what to lose most, he has a ministry, we have to think very clearly’ Oliver insisted.

‘Since when did you start giving me advice on how to run my business’? Romeo snapped angrily at him.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 16

‘Well, mind the way you speak to me, we’re still in this business’ Oliver warned.

‘Partners’? Romeo scoffed, he knew how just to deal with Oliver, with the snap of his fingers, the fool would obey him.

‘Of course, I do your dirty work’ Oliver replied.

‘Well that’s because you’re dirty, you’re a pig and I am the clean one, next time you challenge me, I shall leak your secrets and trust me, the Nigerian police would treat you just find and all the clients you blackmailed’ Romeo hissed loudly and walked out of the room.

Romeo’s words stilled Oliver and scared him too, he suddenly discovered he was a slave to Romeo like everyone else whom he blackmailed.

‘No way, I wouldn’t be your pawn’ Oliver rose to his feet, he needed to get out of Romeo’s clip, and he knew just how to get out.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 16

I had prepared breakfast for everyone and now I was preparing myself to go see the pastor at the hospital. I had already made something hot for him to drink, I hoped he was okay.

I decided to go through Grace’s things once more, I had never met her in person but I felt I had known her my entire life.

I fetched her album and stared at her pictures again especially the one she stood with Romeo, they looked so great together, I was sure Mark started raping her when she fell in love with someone else.

‘Bastard’ I cast the album aside and wept on my bed.

I cried for about fifteen minutes, my eyes were all foggy and swollen, I stopped the minute I heard a strange sound. You know when your battery is about to be exhausted and it makes a sound, exactly what I heard, but I was quite sure it wasn’t from my phone.

I rose up immediately, what if Grace had left her phone behind, I heard the sound again, it came from the cupboard where I’d found the photo album and the note, how come I’d never seen or heard it?

As I pulled out the last drawer, a huge rat climbed out and I screamed for my dear life.

‘Jeez, that wasn’t funny’ I laughed for the first time that day.

‘Here you are darling…’ I wondered what it was, it wasn’t a phone, I realized it was a mini sized video camera.

‘What’s this’? I pressed a button and waited for the device to show me something, but it didn’t, so I tossed it aside.

I slipped on my shoes ready to move when I heard sounds that resembled moans from a woman in pain, this time, pain wasn’t the case, what I saw was going to haunt me for eternity.

My phone rang and I picked it up hurriedly.

‘Hello’ my voice was shaky from what I’d just seen, how could that happen?

‘Ajunwa? Have you forgotten me so fast? This is your friend Joy’?

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 16

‘Joy, I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling too well’ I lied, how could I have forgotten Joy, my best friend whose uncle I worked for.

‘I’m sorry sweetheart, guess what’? she sounded excited.

‘Wow you sound happy, what’s that’? I asked.

‘I know my uncle just had an accident, the news is everywhere so I am at the hospital with him, later I’d be at the house and we would gist throughout the night’ she replied.

‘Wow, I’m coming there soon’ I replied and dropped the phone in my bag.

Joy was in town, I wondered if I could let her in on what I had encountered in the house. I turned the video camera off and hid it safely, I had watched enough. Pastor Ita was making love with his daughter Rose, truly, this was a house of secrets.

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 16

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