‘You raped them?’ Helen was scared and disappointed.

‘Yes, I’m so sorry’ he nodded.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll fix this’ Helen replied. Mark could be trusted, she had bought him over, now she had to draw him into her own darkness.

‘I killed Nelson and buried him in the garden, somehow he knew about Grace as I asked him to bury her decaying hand so I felt he was a threat to that secret, so I killed him last night’ Helen sighed as she let her son in.

‘Mum? How could you’? he was about to judge her when he recalled his own sins were equally if not more grievous.

‘Good. Now we understand each other, we have to fight for ourselves first’ Helen fetched her phone, someone knew her secret and she had to protect herself from going down.

‘What’s this’? Mark asked as she handed him the phone.

Beneath the Roses – Episode 18


‘Mum’? he called quietly.

‘Yes’? Helen wondered why he seemed shocked, did he know anything about it?

‘I received this text last night, what’s happening’? Mark was terrified.

‘Really’? Helen chuckled, not even the situation she found herself could kill her sense of humour. Someone was blackmailing them, mind games was this person’s style.

‘Mum, this isn’t funny, what if they know all our secrets? We are all dirty except Rose and dad, we have to find a way out of this’ Mark sighed.

‘No, we can’t be the dirty ones, maybe your father is clean but I’m sure your sister isn’t, she killed Grace for a reason and that’s your job to find out. I need to speak with the maid you raped, I need to bring her closer to me, so she wouldn’t be used against us, most times, blackmailers could get information out of domestic staff, one of the reasons I took out Nelson’ Helen paced nervously, there was a lot of work to do.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 18

She had not set her eyes on one of her admirers for a long time, Kachi Romeo was as hot he’d been three years back.

‘Hello Cherie’ he presented her with some flowers.

‘Hmm, they smile nice, thanks, Romeo and do come in’ she smiled and offered him in.

‘It’s been so long Romeo, thanks for paying me a visit, sit here, let me fetch you something to drink’ Rose dived into the house and left her guest in her mother’s garden.

‘Roses everywhere, garden of Roses’ Romeo looked around the garden, it was really beautiful and smelt very nice but held a dark secret.

Oliver had done a good job by telling him about Grace, now all he had to do was find her and get her to give him evidence of the pastor’s affair with his biological daughter.

‘I am back’ she returned with a bottle of red wine and glasses.

‘Your mother’s garden is beautiful’ Romeo smiled.

‘Thank you’ Rose wondered how he knew the garden belonged to her mother.

‘So how’s everything? How is Grace? It’s been long I haven’t seen her or your brother Mark’ he poured himself some wine.

‘They’re fine’ Rose replied hurriedly, why did he ask about Grace? Her heart raced, no one could know she was dead.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 18

‘Good. I was just in the neighbourhood and I just wanted to visit, I’d see you some other time’ Romeo rose to his feet.

‘Thanks so much Romeo’ she replied.

‘Can I see Grace before I go? And Mark too’ he quickly chipped in.

‘Uhmmm, they’re not around, Grace isn’t here, she’s at the market’ Rose stuttered, why was he so keen on Grace?

Rose knew Romeo from church and he’d met their maid too, but it made her uncomfortable to recall what happened that fateful day.

‘Really? How nice, see you later then’ Romeo smiled and walked away, deep down he felt it, something wasn’t right. He’d observed the evasiveness that lay prominent in her eyes whenever he mentioned Grace, had Oliver lied to him?

‘Bye….’ Rose waved at him. Fear engulfed her, soon, more people would ask questions about Grace, questions she wouldn’t be able to answer and she knew how dangerous her mother had become, what if her mother turned her into the police?

‘No, she has to go down for it, for everything’ she hissed loudly, she had her plans, Helen would go down, she needed to see her father.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 18

He’d woken up in a hospital bed, slowly the memories of his accident replayed in his brain and he thanked God he was still alive.

He had been surprised to see Joy, his niece, how had she known about his condition? Had the news gone viral that the great pastor Ita was lying on a hospital bed? He didn’t like the sound of that, but he trusted Helen, she was going to handle everything well.

He had enough time to reflect on his life as he’d come face to face with death, what if he had died? He would’ve gone straight to hell, that was why he would shun everything evil and focus on God, and live a righteous life in truth, but could God forgive him and cure him of the unnatural attraction to his daughter?

‘Uncle, I’m sorry for taking so long, I left to receive a call from a friend’ Joy pushed the door open.

‘It’s okay, how’s the family? I hope they aren’t afraid for me, I’ll be fine’ Pastor Ita replied his niece.

‘We are not worried, you’ll pull through, I can see it all over you, you’re so strong, you’ll come out of this’ Joy rubbed his legs.

Her uncle was a good man, she couldn’t say much about his wife and his evil seeds of children.

You Are Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 18

She hated Helen so much, that was one of the reasons she rarely visited and her kids? Well, they were just like their mother, especially Rose, she was a snub and a very arrogant one.

‘Are you okay’? the pastor could see worry in her features.

‘I.. I am fine’ Joy replied. She remembered the incident vividly, though her uncle never got to hear about it.

She had trusted Mark like her own brother, one day they’d been together in a room and he’d raped her, they were teenagers, she’d been so scared and hurt, so the only person she’d run to was Helen, but Helen acted like nothing had happened, instead offered her some money to keep mute about it.

‘So, why didn’t you come along with the new maid, you left her to herself and she almost lost the job without your presence’ the pastor said.

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Beneath the Roses – Episode 18

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