If you are a fitness buff like me, sure you know how critical it is to warm up properly before running. Aside from ending up with aching muscles all over, lack of thorough stretching can lead to injuries than can range from minor to major. You can prevent any accidents just by carrying out a reliable warm-up routine, which you can learn more about below.

Start by Walking022713-health-walking-exercise-park-healthy-lifestyle-friends-outdoorsBegin your warm-up routine by casually walking for a few minutes. Even though many individuals tend to overlook this step, it really is essential for successfully warming up before your running session. Think of it as a transition for your body, from static mode to dynamic mode.

Arm Swings & Leg Swings

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsAs you will be constantly putting effort on your arms and legs while running, it is natural that you take care when warming up these limbs. Make sure that you swing your arms and legs both forward and backward for a great impact.

High Knee JogActive-Warmup-RunningSlowly but surely start jogging, punching your knees up high. You will be successfully stretching all the muscles in your legs and getting your body in motion. After you jog a bit in this manner, you can alternate with lightly kicking your behind while jogging. Make sure you don’t tire yourself though, just take it easy and work on stretching your muscles.

Jog Backwards

reverse-running-suppliedAfterwards, you can continue by lightly jogging backwards. As this is not perceived as an ordinary exercise for your body, your muscles will gently be put to work a bit more than they usually would, allowing you to benefit from fantastic stretching. You can jog backwards for a couple of minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Add Pick-Ups / StridesArticle_4_Picture_3Just before you begin running, we recommend that you add pick-ups (also known as strides) to your warm up routine. Start by running normally for around thirty seconds, continue by stopping and walking for another thirty seconds. Repeat the process about 4 times and then start your running session!


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