We hear that seccesionist Biafrans have dragged Nigeria before a United States court.

A top ranked leader who spoke on condition of anonymity with Biafra Media Forum reportedly posted on the website of Radio Biafra, describing the forthcoming legal battle between Biafra and Nigeria in a New York court as the first international legal battle between the duo. He said the case is expected to come up for hearing today, January 14, 2016.

According to him: “Now, with their own hands, Nigerians have set the stage for Nigeria’s first international legal battle with Biafra, and we are ready to meet them in court. There, the world will begin to hear things that will shock them about the “illegal structure” called Nigeria, which they are still keeping as a country.” It is hoped that the case will provide a solid ground to expose the underbelly of the ‘expired and illegal contraption’ called Nigeria.

He revealed that one of the motives of the Nigerian government under Muhammadu Buhari, in keeping Nnamdi Kanu, the Biafran leader in detention, was to keep him away from leading the group to the USA court. The leader explained that the case became necessary because Buhari had set up an agency to distract Biafrans in the USA who had promised to demonstrate against him whenever he visited the country. It is alleged that the Nigerian President has been scared stiff of Biafran demonstrators, having been confronted by them in his past, when they completely humiliated him.

“So when he finally visited the USA in July last year, the Biafrans did demonstrate and the agent his government sent did not disappoint. In fact, the agent appeared and tried to cause confusion amongst the demonstrators. But it backfired… It happened that while Buhari was inside the White House meeting with Barack Obama, the USA President and his officials; Biafrans were outside the building demonstrating. They were singing Biafran solidarity songs, flying Biafran flags, and taunting Buhari for his unfitting leadership of an expired country. As they sang and danced, they displayed placards showing the Nigerian ruler as a pedophile, an illiterate, a murderer, a terrorist and a dictator… It was at this point that the agent appeared and started taking pictures of them. Undaunted the Biafrans sang and danced away to the delight of onlookers. They told the agent that they were not bothered because all they wanted was freedom for Biafra and for Nigeria to leave Biafra alone.”

“The agent continued taking his pictures, boasting in the process that he would make sure the Nigerian government dealt ruthlessly with them. He boasted further that he was sending the pictures right away to the country’s secret service, the State Security Services (SSS). He promised them that the SSS would see to it that they were deported to Nigeria to face Buhari,” the leader was quoted to have said.

The unnamed IPOB leader said the demonstration continued as they warned the cameraman to stop taking their pictures, but he remained adamant and in reaction, the Biafrans apprehended him and seized his camera. He said the cameraman went to call law enforcement agents, alleging that the Biafrans had robbed him of his camera.

He said: “The law officers arrested everybody and took them to the station. At the station, the officers found the unsolicited pictures in his camera, and started asking him rigorous questions. When he realized that the case was turning against him, he sneaked out of the station and escaped. But unfortunately for him, the law enforcers already had his particulars and so charged the case to court.”

He further alleged that the reason why Buhari’s visit to the US was not ‘fruitful’ was because he was preoccupied with finding ways of avoiding the encounter with the Biafran agitators, hence he did not have time to prepare properly for the visit. The IPOB leader said it is on record that at the end of Buhari’s visit, a White House official was quoted to have hinted that the USA leadership was disappointed with the visit.

The White House official told some journalists that: “Maybe we are not reading from the same script, but the overall message by Barack is that they should get themselves together then get back to us.”

The Biafra leader also alleged that the White House was disappointed that Buhari’s contingent had no presentation about working with USA to salvage their crumbling economy. Another US official said: “We are just being polite about this because your President doesn’t seem to understand a whole lot about government.” Americans could not comprehend how a president whose country’s currency exchange was worsening in value would visit an important country like the United States without an economic team.


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