ASO -EBI is a compound Word in Yoruba Language, the Western part of Nigeria that simply means “Family Cloth”.

This is a word commonly used in Nigeria to represent that special, uniform fabric picked for Wedding Guests or general Guests at a Social function to indicate association with the people getting married or the person or people celebrating. Some Families have up to 3 to 4 “aso-ebi” picked for just one Wedding each representing a social group close to the Family of those celebrating.


There are different colours usually picked as Aso-Ebi depending on the theme of the Event. But of late, the colour BLACK has been making rounds at events unlike what we all thought the colour was associated with. E.g- mourning, depression, death or Evil so relax guys, Black is now the new ‘cool’ for happy Events. The colour is associated with Elegance, Luxury, Authority and Power.


Most Aso -Ebi stores are stocking different fabrics in Black even ‘gele’ (headtie) as the demand is very high. It could be mixed with almost any colour as Black is highly versatile. Gold, Silver, Red, White,Bright shades of Blue and Green amongst others all go with the colour BLACK.


So, if you want to look unique and very elegant for your next event, Try the Colour Black, You’d love it! But if you ain’t ready to test the waters just yet, you could have it in minimal proportion like your head tie, shoes or accessories.

Have fun with Black. Xoxo



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