Boy taken from mom forgives father 14 years after abduction

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Boy taken from mother forgives father 14 years after abduction

Blood is thicker than water after all… An Ohio man who was said to have kidnapped his son Julian Hernandez from his mother when he was just 5-year-old has finally been forgiven by the boy.

53-year-old Bobby Hernandez was sentenced to four years in prison by a judge in Cleveland, after pleading guilty to 15 counts which included kidnapping, interference to custody, tampering with records and forgery. He had earlier pleaded not guilty to the above charges in 2015.

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Hernandez moved to Cleveland with Julian after the kidnap. He was said to have given the boy a new name and identity to avoid being located. Investigators say the boy was located when he started applying for college.

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Mr Hernandez broke down in court on Wednesday as he tried to explain his reasons for abducting his son. Julian who didn’t want to lose his dad like he did his mother 14 years ago asked the judge not to sentence his father. According to the teen, his father gave him all he needed.

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Speaking on behalf of the teen’s mother, her attorney explained the suffering and pain she had to go through for 13 years not knowing where her son was or if he was safe.

Hernandez’s attorney had said he hoped the judge considers how well Hernandez had cared for Julian over the years and sentence him to probation.

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Prosecutor Tim McGinty insisted that Bobby Hernandez should have been given a lengthy sentence rather than four years after depriving his son a relationship with his mother.

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