I came across this story some days back and it inspired me greatly, meet the 19-month breast cancer survivor, Tiffani Rose who turned 40 on Sunday 23 October and took to Instagram to share touching testimony after defeating breast cancer and many other physical and mental scars.

“GOD I See You,40…I’m So Glad To Meet You On This Day October 23, 2016, Thank You God For This Day And Every Day Of My 40 Year Old Life! Thank You for Keeping Me in My Wrong Doing, And Thank You For Keeping Me As I Fought #Breast Cancer.

'Molested at 9, raped at 13’, breast cancer survivor shares touching testimony as she turns 40

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“I Post This Picture Today God To Show That My Physical Scars And Disfigured Chest Don’t Bother Me, And Mentally You Kept Me When These Bad Things Could have Messed My Mind Up!

“You Are A Way Maker, A Comforter, A Provide, A Mother, A Father, A Sister, A Brother
An Educator. And Most of All A #Healer!
I Give You the Highest #PRAISE ON THIS DAY Because YouDidn’t Have to Do What You’ve Done for Me Father in My 40 Years of Life but You Did!
#LifeAfterCancer & My Body Still Aches That #Chemotherapy Ain’t No Joke But Thank You!

'Molested at 9, raped at 13’, breast cancer survivor shares touching testimony as she turns 40

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“I Still Can’t Raise My Right Arm Up High Because Of The #Radiation But Thank You! I Don’t Complain Or Never Questioned You On Why Me, Heck Why Not Me, So Thank You!
Happy 40th Birthday to Me! Emotional Because This Is Only a Quarter of What Life Tossed at Me, You’re so Great Father God and Again I Say THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME!
#Im40 And A STAGE 3 B #19MonthBreastCancerSurvivor And A Survivor Of Many Many Many Things! I Made It 🙌🏾
I Always Smiled Through The Pain! We All Have A Story But I Made It Through Mines. Hi 40 “



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