Authorities have jailed a former headmaster who lured the street kids aged between nine and 13 to his rented apartment where he sexually abused the children and paid their parents to let them stay overnight.

Steve Loryman, 57, lured the street kids aged between nine and 13 to his rented apartment in the capital Phnom Penh He sexually abused the children after he bought them mobile phones, books, bicycles, English lessons and paid their parents to let them stay overnight.

Loryman, originally from Bradford in West Yorkshire, was a former teacher and then deputy head at Eastwood Primary School in Keighley. When police in Cambodia raided Loryman’s home on November 25 last year after a complaint, they found Loryman engaged in a sex act with one of the boys as three others looked on.

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A total of six victims were identified with five telling police they had been abused by the teacher.

On Friday, Loryman was found guilty at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of ‘committing sexual acts against minors under 15’. He was jailed for 15 months, three months of which were suspended, and ordered to pay compensation of £1,242 to two victims and fined £621. He was also banned from Cambodia for three years following his jail term.

Loryman had previously volunteered with a Christian mission in Sierra Leone and with a Christian-based charity called Mission Direct.

In 2012 he self-published a bizarre fiction book called ‘Kissy Boys’ which tells the story of a child ‘abducted from his home and destined to be used for body parts or as a sacrifice in a ritual’.

The predator then moved to Cambodia where he started teaching and voluntary work while targeting young boys.

Child Protection worker Vando Khoem from Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), a charity that was involved in catching the paedophile, said they were first tipped off about his crimes in September last year.

He added: ‘I applaud the order of “ban on stay” by the court. This allows safer space for children in the community.

‘However, stronger collaboration between relevant stakeholders across the country, region and globe is necessarily needed to address child sexual abuse and exploitation in travel and tourism.’


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