British neo-Nazis calls for Prince Harry’s assassination for marrying Meghan Markle


A British version of a violent American neo-Nazi group has called for Prince Harry’s assassination because he is a ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan Markle who is partly black.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating the British offshoot of the violent American neo-Nazi group which called for Prince Harry‘s assassination and claimed he is a “race traitor” for marrying Meghan Markle.

The group, known as Sonnenkrieg Division, posted a picture of the prince with a gun to his head featuring a swastika and the caption: “See ya later, race traitor!”

Another image shows a woman hanging from a noose and states that white women who date non-white men should be killed.

A BBC investigation obtained hundreds of messages sent by extremists on an online gaming server over several months, including messages sent by senior members of the Atomwaffen Division, an American neo-Nazi group linked to five murders.

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Its UK offshoot is known as the Sonnenkrieg Division, which a BBC investigation claims was set up by university student Andrew Dymock. The 21-year-old, who is the son of a dentistry professor from Bath, denies this or any other wrongdoing.

Andrew Dymock (left) and Oskar Koczorowski were both named in a BBC investigation as members of the Sonnenkrieg

The BBC also alleges it had evidence identifying one of the group’s key propagandists as Oskar Koczorowski, a 17-year-old from west London.

Its investigation found hundreds of messages exchanged between neo-Nazis in Europe and the US over several months.

A spokesperson for the North East Counter Terrorism Unit said: “We are aware of the BBC coverage last night around Sonnenkreig Division and enquiries are ongoing.”

Atomwaffen, which means “atomic weapons” in German, celebrates Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson while promoting a dystopian ideology called the “universal order”.

It has called for the overthrow of the US government through the use of terrorism and guerilla warfare in order to establish a national socialist state.

The group is also known to have trained in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

It is estimated to have between 24 and 80 members.

The group’s leader, Brandon Russell, was sentenced to five years in prison earlier this year after police found bomb-making materials in his apartment in Tampa, Florida.

Members of the Hitler-loving terrorist group are also known to practice hand-to-hand combat, camping, survival and firearm use skills.

Messages from the gaming server discuss the creation of the Sonnenkrieg Division, with one user describing it as “full-on Universal Order” and “atomwaffen with less guns”.

In another exchange, he said “kill all police officers” and suggested they should be “raped to death”.

The BBC said it would share its evidence with the police.

Three individuals have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences in coordinated raids across England. The Independent understands the trio are accused of being Sonnenkrieg Division members.

It’s believed there are 10 to 15 members of the group in the UK and some European countries. The Anti-Defamation League believes there may be about 80 members in the US.

The group is obsessed with Charles Manson’s attempts to spark a race war and routinely holds wilderness excursions and military-style training events called “hate camp,” where they’re believed to engage in firearms training.

One member of the vile group, Samuel Woodward, this year allegedly stabbed California college student Blaze Bernstein 20 times for being Jewish and gay.

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