Two dare-devil young brothers lured a six-year-old girl into their home, gang-raped her and strangled her to death – before their mum hid her body.

Pregnant woman bites rapist’s genitals, police on his trail

The little girl was playing near the boys’ house in Uttar Pradesh in northern India before she was assaulted.

After police found her body dumped 600ft from the murder scene yesterday the two brothers, aged 12 and 15, admitted to the horrific attack.

Cops found her after a search was launched when the child, a student in the first year of primary school, never returned home to the Lakhimpur Kheri district.

Officer Shyam Narain Singh told MirrorNowNews said the boys used sweets to coax the child into their grasp.

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He said: “The accused told us they had lured the girl into their house with a candy.”

Their mother, who works as a labourer, also admitted hiding the body when she found out her two sons had choked the girl to death, it has been reported.

The rapists’ mother confessed that she hid the body when she found out her two children had strangled the schoolgirl to death.

The young sex attackers earned a living picking up rags from the ground and selling them.

According to local media, the family are members of the ‘Dalit’ group in the country’s class system meaning they are extremely poor and are not allowed to associate with those in the upper classes.

MirrorNowNews added that the family are members of the ‘Dalit,’ or untouchables, in India’s pervasive caste system. ‘Dalits’ often perform the most menial jobs and those of a higher caste won’t touch them due to fears of contamination or passing bad luck.

The boys and their mother have been charged with hiding evidence and murder. The boys have also been charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

India, which has a population of over one billion people, is battling a child rape epidemic.

Recall that earlier this month, paedophiles allegedly raped and beheaded a three-year-old girl who was kidnapped while sleeping beside her mum at a railway station.


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