A new mum might be all smiles, but don’t be deceived, there are milestones she is desperate to reach, the most sought after one is the elusive and oh-so-evasive goal of sleeping through the night.

If you’ve been blessed by the ‘Baby Sleep Gods’ and your little one pulls a flawless 12-hour stretch each night, don’t ever say it out loud.

For the rest of the mums out there, here are some tips:

Baby sleep myth 1: Adding cereal to baby’s bottle will help her sleep through.

It’s commonly assumed that when you start solids, your little insomniac will suddenly sleep “like a baby” (that has got to be the dumbest, most ironic saying in the world). The absolute soonest that solids can be introduced is at 17 weeks. And despite the perception that carbo-loading your baby means a fuller tummy, research shows that it’s actually protein that aids sleep. So make sure your little one is eating enough protein at every meal.

Baby sleep myth 2: A tired baby will sleep better.

It is quite logical to assume that the less they sleep in the day, the more tired they’ll be at night. Or the later the bedtime, the later they’ll wake up. Again, totally logical. But babies defy logic. All the time. Turns out that the number one reason for early morning waking is over-tiredness at bedtime. And skipping daytime naps only leads to sleep sabotage. Remember mums, sleep begets sleep.

Baby sleep myth 3: My baby isn’t sleeping. She must be teething.

Teething gets a bad rap for those restless nights. It’s my scapegoat excuse. And while it could legitimately be a new tooth breaking through, it’s also too easy to label every “off” night as a teething problem. There are 750 billion other potential reasons as to why your kid is not sleeping.



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