We admit we didn’t realize it was them at first. As Stars strotted the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute wearing beautiful costumes created by the world’s best fashion designers, there were a few that had walked past before we even realized it was them.

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Our top three in this category are:

Wow! Look out for Mrs Simpson. Sorry, It’s Lupita Nyong’o!


Photo credit: Thesun.co.uk
Photo credit: Thesun.co.uk
33C2912400000578-3570186-image-a-688_1462246730877 (1)
Lupita Nyong’o. Photo credit: AP

Lupita Nyong’o’s hair was a red carpet personality on it’s own. She looked like Marge Simpson or an African goddess and when she arrived, the camera’s clicked and flashed at her tall hair. It took a few minutes for us to realize that it was indeed the Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo. Love her dress though.

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Zendaya is that you?

33C26F4C00000578-3570186-image-a-371_1462238941641 (1)
Zendaya. Photo credit: Film magic

Zendaya looked ravishing in her new haircut and sultry make up. The Disney actress who caused quite a stir last year appearing on the red carpet in dreadlocs which E! News’ Guillianna Rancic ‘booed’ showed that she can be sexy and mature with her style choice to the MET Gala.

What’s not to love about her look?

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Sorry but Katy Who? 


Yup! That’s Katty Perry. The singer strotted the red carpet looking like a gothic queen. The beehive hair do, smokey eyes, black lipstick, leather princess gloves and dress ardoned with ‘charms’ all put together made us wonder who she was at first.

That dress sure looks heavy. Jeez!


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