Chai, 11 Months later, Have we entered APC One Chance!!


One chance – the promise of something real that turns out to be a farce and finally ends in robbery. It got it’s name from the bus rides to Ojuelegba and Ojota where one is a passenger with many only to find that you are in the middle of 419 con artists and robbers whose only interest is your wallet and “wetin you carry”


April 2015, we all trooped out to vote for change. I remember the period leading to that fateful election. The anger at the many failures of GEJ and our tiredness at her disgraceful majesty Mama patience was so huge that even if Papa Sala or Ajasco had come out to be president, we would have voted for him.


And then the promises began- from dropping the price of fuel to bringing Naira to near parity with dollar; 5,000 monthly for all unemployed youths and NYSC; free food for all students at primary schools; steady power; Chibok girls, finishing of Boko Haram. It seemed like it was one week one new promise and we lapped it all with glee like dancers enjoying the beats of a master drummer.


Sometime during this dance, some paused to ask the question “how will we pay for all these?” “hmmmmm are these really possible” but the drumbeats of Change!! Change!! Sai Baba, Sai Buhari were so loud and deafening that it blocked out any meaningful sound.


We won and couldn’t wait for our messiah who would finally lead us to this promised land to take his throne. On that fateful day in May, even the diehard skeptic was swayed by “I belong to everybody and I belong to Nobody”. Chai, we had arrived. We looked for the cabals, the headless and faceless gods that had kept us bound. That day, we could have torn them to pieces bare handed – such was our confidence at the dawn of a new nation.


Then one chance part 2, suddenly everything seemed to work, the fuel queues disappeared, light was steady, the air was fresher, the dollar went down, the weather was cool. Chai, it seemed like everything was working, change had come finally. Shouts of Sai Baba!! Rent the air, the way we lifted up a goal keeper or the star scorer after a match. Everywhere, the professional praise singing pair of Adams Oshiomole and Lai Mohammed spoke about the Buhari effect. Hmmmmm we wondered to ourselves why didn’t we vote this man in since.


Fast forward 11 months later and it looks like the odeshi, juju, charm or whatever has cleared from our eyes. Just the way that victims of one chance appear sleepy and disoriented after the encounter, we are at that point asking what has happened to us?.


APC One Chance


Everything seems to have turned upside down. We have gone from one infamous scandal to another – the epic being the kidnap of our national budget; Stable electricity seems a pipe dream; dollar is bouncing like a yoyo on a rubber string; fuel queues have become a normality; businesses are closing; inflation is rising; prices of commodities are going through the roof; everyday we hear of one foreign business closing down or planning to close; we have no idea of which direction the country is going and, have you noticed the heat…. Hmmmm looks like the gods don vex oh –


Yet through it all, Sai Baba is travelling and junketing. Hmmmmm now we are beginning to understand that cryptic statement – “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”.


Apparently, the charm has cleared from our eyes because our captors while fighting over our spoils forgot to keep it fresh. Not only are our leaders fighting and contradicting themselves inside the country, they are fighting themselves outside. We have a president whose new specialty seems to tear down his country and country men every time he is outside.


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We have gotten to the point where Facebook and twitter are now studying Nigeria as the first example of a country run through social media. Now we do not hear of government policies and pronouncement through normal decrees and parastatals but through social media. Government officials are sacked through social media, some hear of their appointment through social media. Government policies are issued through social media, denied through social media. We are now at a point where everything sounds like one badly written nollywood script.


And where are our one chancers – busy going around pretending that we are still in the bus or that our eyes are still closed. In other climes, an information minster like Lai Mohammed would have resigned from office, the fact that this administration chose a man as Lai Mohammed whose name can be mistaken for Liar Mohammed shows how much of one chance we have entered.


Lai Muhammed



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As madam, Dame Patience was known to say “Dier is God!!” APC, Dier is God, Liar Muhammed, Dier is God, Sai Baba, Dier is God.


I think that at this point, the government should admit to its inadequacies and stop the blame games and finger pointing. We all now know – even those that are not admitting it that we entered one chance. Some ardent supporters are still doing ogboju and cover face while others have abandoned any pretense of cover face.


2017, would soon be here. It would come sooner than you know it and I want to tell you something. Look at Dasuki, look at Metuh, Dokpesi, Diezani and al those people you are expanding Kuje and Kiri-kiri prisons for – we would put you there. I promise you. Afterall, that is what we do with one chance people when we finally catch them – oh that is the ones we do not put tyre on their neck and I am not saying anything oh!!!




  1. The truth is that, they same men that held Nigeria bound for 16yrs are now in APC & the level of impunity we have seen in less than one yrs is getting worse than PDP 16yrs

    • Not merely in APC, they formed and lead APC. The records are there. PMB is now a compromised folitician. He can’t pight kwaraption. In my opinion, this PMB is not the same with the one that contested and lost three elections. So many kwarapt fiful irrespective of party would have been arrested by now. Zis is just anaza nepa-phcn. Same kwarapt feoful with dipperen name. God please help Buhari and save my country

      • Matthew can u give us just 3 duties of de government to de citizens, and only 3 signs dat a gvt is doing well or not doing well.
        Remove bias. thank u

    • @ dozie don’t worry ,PDP are thieves abi? By now 2018 u will no DAT gej is better Dan Obama,may God keep us alive

    • Dozie Patty Muandex you are a liar for saying that this administration is better than PDP administration. This is why Nigeria will continue to remain like this. When something is black Nigerians will see it as white.

    • What APC leaders r doing is use blame game & propaganda to cajole Nigerians to believe their blab. If u keep partisan politics aside. Take TSA for instance is a good idea initiated by GEJ adm, but was not implemented & PMB implemented it bcoz govt is a continuum. Now the issue of remittance is Cristal clear in 1999 const. as amended, why remita? In 1yr an online company will make up to 1trillion & we r busy chasing shadows. Today banks r downsizing bcoz pub sector funds have been removed from commercial banks & ppl r loosing their jobs. Few months ago First, Diamond, FCMB & just to mention but a few sacked over 3000 staff & yet Single Treasury Account that cause this people their jobs, others are getting billions per month, yet there’s no money. Our youths r pathetic. Nigerian youths r so beclouded by partisan politics. Perhaps this poster will make sense to you

    • The issue at stake is beyond politics, the reason why GEJ was voted out was for change…… But the reverse is the case..when Obama won US economy was bad Bush borrowed so much to fight fruitless war in Iraq, but Obama never rely on blame game or propaganda. Please govt should get to work & stop junketing, we r getting bored.

    • Dozie be objective & precise please what did you suffer in the last 16yrs . Why are we lying to our self? The military made a mess of our economy for yrs left us with heavy debt Burden that was cleared within this 16yrs. Today what’s Nigerian debt like?

    • You didnt vote for PMB nd so you cant see any good thing in him nd his policies. Those of us that voted for change are ok wit progress made so far. The 16 yrs rot can not be reversed over nit.
      If you continue doubting the APC(Gods sent) you will not benefit from the posiyiive change coming soon. God did that to the stuborn Israelites- they did not enter the promised land! .

    • Gud that u ve just affirmed that PDP held Nigeria hostage. That same PDP is what u represent today, if not so, u would have painstakingly taken time to study what PMB has been doing. It has never happened in 16 years that a President would run the economy. No loan. No devaluation of the Naira. Looted funds are recovered. The first time a President insists he won’t borrow.

    • Fagbemiro Joseph Bankole , Yeah PDP Prison. God I thank u for breaking the walls of corruption and stealing in my country. Thank u father for allowing the party that couldnt give Nigerians electricity for 16 years to be swept away.

    • Ayua close to one year there’s no economic blue print, what policies are talking about? You talked about 16yrs what was Nigerian debt burdens like b/4 1999? What is it now? Why did Nigerians vote for change? is not to consolidate the gains of democracy? i just de pass shaa

    • Obasanjo made much impact on our economy with those trips and PMB has just seen that reality. PMB also should do the same. However Gej who was never trusted and invited wasted all the Nation’s resources. And allowed looters to leech on our common patrimony.

    • Durin GEJ corruptn era, tins were nt as difficult as it is 2day dat dey’s no corruptn. Is it dat it was all d citizens dat were lootin d economy dat is why we neva feel it d way it is? Plz gv us corruptn nd take away change! Period!

  2. If u wnt to build a new modern house where a dilapidated one is b4,d first thing u do is to first demolish d bad structure,then remove d debris,b4 u start d new foundation,as nigerians we av used our vote to demolish d bad structure pdp used 16 years in buildin,so Buhari is now removin d debris,b4 he start d foundation of new nigeria,so let wailers continue das one thing dey ar gud for.fayose thnks dat d whole nigeria is lyk ekiti,who wnt u as a vice president,is nigeria a motor park or ekiti,yeye man

  3. The most stupid man on earth, is not easy to build a house that has been destroy for good 16th years by the so called PDP, where they used money meant for weapons to fight boko haram for an election…. The blood of all the boko haram victims will surely ask you people.. Amen

  4. For 16 years, PDP, a congregation of men and women with little faith in our nation raped and ravaged the land with impunity. For six years, Goodluck Jonathan assaulted our sensibilities by celebrating and decorating those responsible for our tragedy. And today, they are gleefully telling Nigerians, ” this is the Change you voted for” , after 16 years of looting and total pillaging of the treasury? Have we forgotten just so soon how Nigeria was “transformed ” to where we are today? What did PDP do right that the APC government is undoing?

    • Hw much was d dollar b4 apc gvt. Hw Much was food stuff b4 apc gvt. What has happened to d second niger bridge project? Were salaries owed b4 nw? What happened to TAM projects in d agric sector? Google falana’s interview in europe early thiz yr and u will knw that GEJ fought corruption more than any other which IS NT WITCH HUNTING

    • Im most disappointed wn i read coment frm assumed graduates who pretend all is well. Is this what u voted 4. Stop comparing yesteryears wt today cos it has less efect on than todays mistakes.

    • If any sane human being wants to argue against the fact that it was PDP that destroyed Nigeria for sixteen years, the person will need one thousand years to do so.

    • Some times i wonder if some people ar rational. u see a country dat is sinking like a nail thrown into an ocean u ar hear saying rubbish.

    • I hate hausa especially muslims in particular.the $314M found in abacha account in swiz na jonathan put am there. the $2 billion babagida took from national treasury and gave it to OIC for the total islamization of nigeria na jonathan give. God go punnish u muslims. make una no worry biafra is at hand

    • @patrick iria…i rili do appreciate d fact dat not all nigerians,are fools.tank u,for ur comment.i tuk my tym,to reply to ur comment.u av tried enuf,sheddin more light on d issue.but u got to undastnd dat d psycological trauma dat PDP govt inflicted on som nigerians,for 16yrs,cant just vanish like dat….if not,dey wont b puttin d present predicament on APC n GMB…forgettin dat d whole Nigeria was drivin like a voyage witout a compass,by PDP for 16yrs…d only man who had Nigeria @hrt,durin PDP era,was President Yar’adua.may his soul,rest in,i strongly bliv witout much conviction to those who hate to hear dis…..God shall liberate Nigeria,tru APC…and The Almighty who miraculously,turned around d fortune of Samaria,who turn around Nigeria for good..and I shall live,happily n fulfilled,as a nigerian…tanx@patrick iria.

    • Was Obasanjo…Kwakwanso..Amaechi ..Yar’adua not in PdP for years? So PDP started and ended with Jonathan?… Foolish malam..

    • Kenneth Ofulue, if you are not brainless and dangerously ignorant you would have read the reference to “16 years of PDP” . If you are not an unintelligible and guilible loafer you wouldn’t have left the substance and dwell on the shadow.If Kwankwaso and Amaechi were in PDP. does that change the name of the party that misruled Nigeria for 16 years? You will continue to luxuriate in poverty as long as you continue to defend the criminals that have rendered your life miserable and cast a pall of ignorance that is as thick as your village evil forest on your wretched life.

    • Patrick it is like to you nigeria came into existence 16yrs ago when PDP came to power especially the era of Jonathan, for that you have the right to insult anybody to the extend of pouring raw abuse on others who does not share your view. Check your utterances again because it is trending towards madness. Close people should call you to order, must all your response comments be abuses on people. That thing is CHANGE MANTRA not CHANGE MADNESS.

    • some of us who r frm the zone where our major preoccupation is to vandalise n steal national installations n resources,for selfish reasons n stil expect magic from govt should cover our faces in shame n comment less. We entered one chance 16 yrs ago, thank God we wiser now. If the recent revelations n gradual fixing of our economy, coupled wt the war we winning on terrorism, is not change, I doubt if we honestly bng sincere we ourselves. We have a way of celebrating clowns, what investment has Fayose brought to his pple since becoming govnor? Hw many projects has he bn able to commission? Are any of his kids in Nigeria? He is a one chance operator, hw he became govnor is very fresh, I just pity ekiti pple, well, bad things don’t last forever

    • @victor odigie….indeed,u av said it,all.may God,help dis someone,from south south and u made dis shows,it is just a matter of tym..all of us,all….we wud soon know dat nigeria,is for us, matter wot is goin on at d realm of power @d center,no matter d region dat rules.Nigeria belongs to us,all…her peace,is also ours.God help us,all.

    • i dnt knw y sum pple r so engrossed wit hatred jst bcos nigerian substituted pdp for poor performances for 16yrs! We d masses finally realise in d lasy election dat we r d real coach of dis nation… Dose in public offices r our playaz n d world is our fans.. If d new playas apc play well surely naija will win more fans arnd d globe whc is gud for d nation… Now PMB is our striker and frm all indication he is playin so well.. I knw sum folks disagree… So wat, coachin crew disagree all d tym bt d fact remains dat majority for now back team apc.. I wish dem well, they wil do beta dan d last pdp team dat was substituted wit its weak captain as GEJ…

    • When serious issues re raised, some re talking of the cost of food. Does the consequence of a failed economy an accident?
      Let sensitize ourselves on redeeming of our value systems and shawn ethnic sentiments.

    • ThankGod Jeru, Romans 3:2 says “Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.” That’s why the same Bible said in Hoses 4: 6 ” My people perish for lack of knowledge” Study the scripture for a workman that need not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth

    • bring back our corruption ooo,a government that used propaganda and lies to secure power….we are patiently waiting for the return of chibok gals,d 5k dat are supposed to be paid to undergraduates etc. fighting corruption is a very good thing but our economy should be saved from collapsing,a president that hv not uttered a word about agatu massacre is here pumping military men to rivers because he want Apc to take hold of the oil rich state but forgot to deploy a good number of Military to protect Lives nd property to agatu people….Apc are waste bin of the pdp,they are same set of people brainwashing the youth everyday,we were singing that we are leaderz of tomorrow but that same set of people are still there….the earlier the youth open their eyes the better….

    • Umeh Nkem, if in 16 years the government of PDP had built refineries and did not steal all the money meant to improve power, you wouldn’t have furl scarcity, try and arrest your intellectual under development, stop been unnecessarily ignorant ,

    • When will my friend oracle oracles grow up and face the reality of the present day Nigeria. Crying 16yrs of PDP in every comment will not do you any good in life. It is just like blaming your father that he did not go into politics like his mates, if not you would have been the governor or speaker in Edo state by now. Start something, go and buy form to contest any elective position on your own. Stop this blame of your father’s past 16yrs.

    • Akanimo Ekpo, could you please keep your discussion on the crux of the matter and stop been unnecessarily sarcastic? I strongly advise you desist from paying regard to what I post on my timeline, that way we could still keep the memories of our past friendship. If you think 9 months is an enough time to undo the locust reign of PDP and if you think can you yank off the 16years of PDP’s misrule from the political lexicon of Nigeria, you certainly need a self examination

  5. I have seen so much bias & myopic comments. Govt is a continuum & govt all over the world is checkmated with solid criticism. People call it democracy in action. APC today have become political Asylum, PMB should have used one of his minister to set example, for instance education ministry where the hid 10billion in recurrent expenditure, perhaps the Minister of education should have resigned.Then we know that anti corruption war is not a sham. This is the kind of change we want to see to believe in our future. You can’t continue to put an old wine in a new bottle, let’s call a spade spade b4 it turns to garden spoon. My take is that Mr President should consolidate the gains this democracy and be objective with a clear blue print economic policies. Remember this poster……

    • @ chimauche get your facts. No minister padded the budget, if you followed the entire story you would have known that the so called buerocrats,who have been used to the ugly system in the past sixteen years in collaboration with the main people,thought it was going to be business as usual. If you have your ears to the ground,you would have heard that heads have rolled already at the budget office. Stop twisting these stories to suit your fancy. You can only deceive a few gullible ones, Nigerians know the truth.

    • Agweye my brother u can tell that to the birds, they can decide to sacrifice anybody but it doesn’t change anything…. What is the fate of Nigerians today as regards to their mandate? INEC now is reversed to 2003, instead of independent is now inconclusive! Ordinary guber & senatorial election INEC cannot conduct under Mr kwarruption, look at the show of shame they put up in Rivers. In the history of Nigeria have u had anytime a civilian moved with 400 soldiers, even the chief of Army staff on election day? Yet we r piting kwarruption, pls give that excuses to morons. Yes we know the truth, u don’t fool me

  6. See this useless man, you now have basket mouth to talk rubbish. Are you trying to tell us that Jonthan have done the right thing while power ? Balderdash. For your information we are not hopping any country to experience the quandary condition we found ourselves during last administration. I believed if Jonathan happenned to contineu up to now all northerners would have been killed or scattered to various neighbouring countries, I too would have been in Niger, Cameroon or elsewhere. I am strongly praying that may God not make us to experience that type of gov’t any more in Nigeria.

    • What is ur problem?
      Did GEJ formed bokohari to kill and chase u out of ur home?
      This same PMB said that any attack on boko haram is an attack on the north.

    • Leave Jonathan alone.don’t comment if you don’t have what to can not heap the whole of Nigeria’s problem on Jonathan.that is a myopic way of reasoning.all past leader whether pdp or apc have destroyed Nigeria to this extent.

    • My sister Ann Edioma, stop being stupid, when did APC come to power that you claimed to have destroyed Nigeria ? What myopic point are you trying to mapout here ?

    • U claim that all d northerners could have been dead If GEJ had continued. Was it not d same Buhari and some of d notherners dat formed Boko-haram to frustrate Jonathan’s administration? The evil dat men do, lives with them and after dem.

    • Gladys, stop displaying your ignorance for d general public to see. Boko Haram gained prominence under late Yaradua. Jona only mismanaged d situation and it backfires on him.

    • fool, what kind of govt do you wish to experience? is it the one with uneducated leader without certificate who comes to damage the economy of the country? pls free yourself from ethnic slavery…..

    • @Abdul Haruna. Let’s waitt and see what happens in 3years. Why are we always been sentimental abt issues. Obama never heaped blame on Bush rather he inherited 2 wars and economy dat was nothing to write home abt. A man with vision and plans he went to work asap. Within 4 years he achieved so much that he was giving a second term. So let us wait and see if PMB will turn things around and we should stop blaming anybody for our woes becos it is only a failure that looks for one to heap his misery on.

  7. The most fearless man in Nigeria is professor Fayose. A man with a vision, a man of the people, the prophet of political idealogy. May you be blessed with more wisdom and understanding. Keep this up! Most Nigerians are still ignorance of the Economic hardship in Nigeria.

  8. What is happening to our country now is the fuel dropping in price across the globe.
    during GEJ era fue is $170 compare to $38 per barrel So How do you guys feel it. that is Why dollars was risen everyday . Where are importing everything I mean everything.

  9. But m no follow loot nah,abi I go suffer wetin I no knw?yes oooooo we need change but if we com die finish who go flex d change nah? Make I finish b4 una read………

  10. Comment: After staying @ d filling station 4 8hr to buy 5litters of fuel to power his generator and charge his phone,it only a fool that will come online to praise pmb.when d price of everything has gone up except d my salary.


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