The way a man prepares for a journey would let you know how he will end it“.                    Old Zulu proverb.


In hindsight, we should have known what to expect at the beginning stage of this current presidency. Not long after his election, before the inauguration and while we still had a seating president, we heard how President Buhari had landed in London, ostensibly to see the Prime minister. Don’t mind that because of not following protocol, he was made to stay outside 10 Downing Street for a long time, we said “tsk, tsk” but put it down to enthusiasm for the job.

After the inauguration, the president embarked on a furious pace of foreign visits – over 30 within the first year of inauguration. Our dear president was visiting 2-3 foreign countries a month, we said “hmmm, hmmmm” but put it down as the need to make strategic alliances with other countries. Our president was working.

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Another pattern emerged which has now become as permanent as the first, While the president went on all these official visits, the Vice President was defined as a local champion – subject to visiting the states of Nigeria. In one visit to an IDP, he escaped being blown up by a bomb.

Then will we digesting that, we were informed that the president was proceeding on a 10 day holiday to London. My mouth opened when I heard this. What had happened to the glorious Mambilla hills, the Yankari game reserves, the Obudu cattle ranches and all other holiday spots in Nigeria? As far as I knew, all foreign presidents usually went on holiday in their countries, this was the first time that we would hear that a president even in Nigeria was announcing going on holiday to a foreign country.

Then we were told it was a working holiday visit in which he would also use the opportunity to visit his doctors. At this point, our hmmmmmm went louder. The ten days turned into weeks and just as we had earlier been looking for the national budget, we also started looking for our president. All we got were photoshop sessions and blog news of visits by local and purported world leaders, we then started asking questions.

Now we have the answer, Aso rock has moved to London!!

Why do I say so? Well after the first “visit”, the president proceeded to pay us a “visit” in Nigeria. Of course, it was a visit because he never attended to anything. All the official matters were conducted by the Vice President. The president only came out once in a while for photoshop sessions.

After that visit, the president announced he was going back and would be away indefinitely ( chai, we don suffer!). Now, our president has gone back to Aso Rock, London. We hear of world leaders such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, the UN SEC. Gen and co visiting him. We hear of governors, the senate president and others visiting him in Aso Rock, London just as they used to in Aso Rock, Abuja. The president is even addressing matters of state from Aso Rock, London.

So it is official, Aso Rock now has two branches, the real branch in London headed by Buhari and a local branch office in Abuja managed by the vice president.


Aso Rock


Now our president is readying to visit us once again in Nigeria. This would be a re-occurring pattern till the end of this first term and let me tell you something else, this President would be elected for a second term and this pattern would continue. I hear you say never! and my answer to you is Mtchewww!. Just watch this space!

Nigeria is really a nation that defies explanation. In other countries, the president would have either resigned, the senate would have either impeached him or the people of the country would have gone on the streets asking for his resignation.

But forget it, there would only be protests like those of Charly Boy which would be countered by Igbo smoking Pro Buhari protests. Don’t you realize that all the successful protest organizers are now in power? Go look at all the successful protests that have gone on in the country, Fuel subsidy, BBOG amongst others, they all had a prominent APC chieftain as part of the organizing team, now that they are in power, who would organize the protests?

Guys, I am not a fan of Charly boy but true true, our mumu don too much. Unfortunately, we have lived so long in this mumu that we don’t realize what the alternative is. In the history of Nigeria and I am sure in the world, this is the longest a sitting president of a nation at peace has stayed outside his nation.

Before now, our presidents never stayed too long away fearful that a coup could take place while they are outside, but our current president takes us so much for granted that in his mind that is settled. We are not even important enough to be addressed in video messages or press interviews. There is no need, we are now in the age of social media and our president is the perfect social media president – we are now being addressed via photoshopped pictures and blog posts.


aso rock



Here is a song “e don do me” by Six Foot Plus. it sums up the feelings of most Nigerians. mumurity can only go for ever. one day, na one day….



  1. Nooooo……we are very OK without your idea. Don’t come back we are not missing you at all. We are tired of you. We nursed you when you was a child, when you were young and you expect us to nurse again at your age? You are now a liability to us. Pls stay their we are happy like that. Continue to generate money for them as a tourist because you are just collecting our money and hiding inside your village. Pls no come back ooooo, we can be visiting you anytime. Badluck has Chased away our Goodluck!!!

  2. Nigeria is too big for Buhari to rule, is better he resign and go back to his dairy farm in Dauda. Under Buhari Nigeria is divided across regional, religion and tribal lines. This is not the kind of leader we want for a multi ethnic nation like Nigeria.

  3. Proudly waiting for ur return back home sir,any time ur doctor deem it fit for u to do so.May God see u through. We are praying fervently for ur quick recovery. We all know wat u passed through.God bless u

    • @ Ifeoma,n Edozie.So are u people asking me to support the fact that PMB should not come back to his country after medical treatment? Why asking me to support such?ur attitude is bad in it entirety. I know the tribe u belongs to,n i know the kind of hatred u have for PMB.If PMB is ur father,what would u do?See,no amount of hatred would stop good,n free minded people frm loving PMB.I should even be the one telling u how to reason positively. What u wish others,will come to u in the same way.This is the law of Karma.There’s no logic in natural law

  4. He is representing Nnamdi kanu in Britain.kanu is in charge here and Buhari is incharged their in this is called law of Nature.make we live am like that.No be only me Waka come oh.

  5. Is his absence not better now??.. At least to avoid constant wahala here & there when he comes again,we have accepted recession with peace of mind,and the troubles reduced,abeg stay put in London jare

  6. What they had wanted their poison to do to PMB have failed & they are foolishly thinking that their protest will do it. GOD is synonymous with goodness & All-powerful over everything. PMB is very much alive & recovering speedily well to his good health. By the Special Grace of GOD, PMB will be returning soon to continue on the Herculean task of salvaging Nigeria. Nigeria has been rescued from drifting to the point of no return.


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