Popular Nigerian musician, Charly Boy, leader of ‘Our mumu don do” campaign who has been calling for the return or resignation of President Buhari after being out of the Country for over 100 days, narrowly escaped being lynched in Wuse Market in Abuja today.

Charly Boy and his group were attacked in Wuse Market by angry protesters who are believed to be supporters of the president.

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This is coming after, Charly boy and his campaigners attacked sometime last week by security officials who scattered them violently from the Unity Fountain, also in Abuja.

Charly Boy escapes lynching in Wuse market Abuja

An eye witness said: “Charley Boy came to this market with some cameramen doing his protest here.

I was standing in front of my shop when I saw him running for his dear life, being chased by those youth.

Charly Boy escapes lynching in Wuse market Abuja

 “They nearly lynched him, because those youth almost overpowered police security near him.”

The musician was rescued by security operatives who fired gunshots and teargas to disperse the crowd.

The security operatives later returned to remove Charly Boy’s vehicles from the market, using tear-gas to disperse the protesters who tried to stop them.

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Wuse market ‎is Abuja’s largest and is dominated by northerners, many of them supporters of President Buhari.

Charly Boy escapes lynching in Wuse market Abuja

The gates of the market are temporarily closed and manned by heavily armed security operatives after the incident.

Another eye witness said: “Charley Boy caused it, how can he come here to be talking against Buhari.

Those Hausa boys dealt with him,” a meat seller in the market who witnessed the incident said.



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