Check Out These Home Business Ideas for Nursing Mothers and Housewives


Did you just give birth and need a business to do while you are still at home nursing your baby? Or are you a full-time housewife with kids and you are always bored at home and need something to do?

Here are several business ideas that can work for you:


  1. Childcare or Daycare service
Source: The Bump

Do you love babies and do you know how to babysit? If yes, child care or daycare service is what you should go for. Also, if you just gave birth or you have very little kids and you have extra space in your home, this business will be easy, fun and interesting as you can take care of kids in your neighborhood while also looking after your own kids.


  1. Online Store

You can sell goods to people online and get some cash. You don’t really need to own a shop before you can do this business. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop, access to the internet and a delivery system.

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  1. Cooking

As a stay-at-home mum who has culinary knowledge, you can make soups and stews in large quantities and deliver it to those that need it like working-class mums and bachelors.


  1. Recharge Card Distribution
source: Nigerian Infopedia

You can buy recharge cards in bulk and distribute them to those who retail them to end-users.


  1. Baking
Source: Hey Good Cookin

As a baker, you have two options, it is either you get your customers offline while baking at home or you get your customers online and deliver to them.


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  1. Errand Services

If you don’t mind, you can start an errand service company in your neighborhood and get someone to assist you. Ensure you have a reliable and efficient delivery system.


  1. Selling Bottled water and Drinks
Source: Twitter

You can open a small shop in front of your house and sell drinks and bottled water. Adding snacks to the mix can also make more money for you. It is an easy trade.


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