Cheese up your teeth for a perfect smile!


Cheese up your teeth (1)

Recent studies have show n that cheese can improve enamel protection. As an acid erosion inhibitor, cheese works as a PH booster, increasing the release of saliva which acts as a neutralizing agent restoring the normal PH balance in the mouth. Most of the foods which we consume are acidic in nature such as fruit juices, soft drinks, some fruits in deserts and certain vegetables these tend to gradually erode the enamel of the teeth especially if brushing takes place within 30 minutes of eating.

In a research carried out, it was tested how milk, yogurt, and cheddar cheese affect oral pH levels, they found that cheese elevates pH for 30 minutes after eating (milk and yogurt’s protective effects lasted only 10 minutes). Apart from its strong salivation properties, Cheese also contains teeth-strengthening casein phosphate, even with low fat cheese. Dentists advice snacking on cube sized amounts of any cheese of your choice to save your teeth especially after wine, soda or fruits.

Cheese up your teeth (2)



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