So, your family is growing and you need more space? We’ve put together a useful home-buying guide for expecting parents to make sure you buy at the right address.

1. Buy the right size

Think about your future family. If you’re planning on having more kids, don’t buy a house with the minimum number of bedrooms and no outdoor space. You’ll have to move again later and incur unnecessary transfer and estate agent costs.

2. Think about the extras

If you have the luxury of choice, go for a house with space for the kids to play outside, and one with an extra lounge you can use as a playroom. If your new home has a pool, make sure it’s properly fenced off and has a pool net.

3. Plan for a nanny

Are you planning on having a live-in nanny to help with the kids? Make sure you’ve got extra room if you need it at a later stage.

How to buy a child-friendly home
Photo credit: Decoit

4. Surround yourself with kiddie-friendly amenities

Look for a home near the schools you want your children to go to so you’re zoned for the school. You can’t always do all the driving, so it’s better to be close to schools so your kids can walk to school with nannies or stay-at-home parents.

If you can, buy near a park. This becomes your garden if you buy a smaller home, with loads of space for your kids to play. It’s also a great way to meet other parents in your new neighbourhood.

5. Take the time you need

Don’t let your nesting instinct drive you into making a rush purchase you might regret later. If it’s your first child, remember that a baby doesn’t need much space until they start getting mobile at around 8 months. This gives you time to do all your homework and make an informed purchase.

6. Get the right home contents insurance

Baby toys and other bits and pieces (not to mention your furniture and electronics) can cost a bundle. It is very important to plan for comprehensive home contents insurance cover before you move in.



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