There are some circumstances in which a child cannot be fed directly from the breast; for example, in the case of weak babies (normally premature babies) or babies with lip deformations or in the case of mothers who do not have properly formed nipples.

In these cases, the milk is extracted from the mother’s breasts and then give to the baby, extraction can be done with a milk extractor which comes in various models, some types of extractors are very effective, such as the electric ones used in maternity wards.

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Experience shows that such babies are not raised as well as if they nursed directly from the breast. This is due to the absence of abundant salivation produced through sucking.

 Some Problems with breast milk are being discussed under the following headings:


Some countries may not have sufficient to preserve the woman’s milk. However, in some other countries, the usual practice in centres specialising in premature births is to keep a supply of preserved milk from the mother.

Experiments have been done to preserve maternal milk. Sterilisation and even drying milk has been tried but without much success. It seems that heat destroys certain nutrients. Today, milk which had been refrigerated or frozen is used.

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Some mothers want to wean their babies early claiming that their supply of milk is insufficient.

The truth is that an insufficient supply is uncommon. And even this occurs, it is better for the child to take what is available.

If hypo agalactia (low milk production) is the case, then mixed or artificial milk must be supplied.


Sometimes in order to wean a child, it is claimed that the child cannot tolerate its mother’s milk. Such cases are extremely rare and can only be diagnosed by a doctor.


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