The most painful part of a relationship is the breakup when you have to look into the eyes of your lover and realise he or she is no longer your sweetheart but you ‘Ex’.

Many people have questions about how they should relate with their ex, can we be friends with our ex? do we call each other? Should we talk? What if he or she wants me back?

Well, your answers depend wholly on the circumstances that led to your break up and how good or bad your relationship was. Some exes come back looking different, claiming they have changed. Let’s explore those questions:

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This is all about maturity, he or she was your lover once, they don’t have to be your enemy now. It’s very difficult to remain friends with an ex-lover, I do not recommend it, but I’ll recommend you two stay cordial. It should be a ‘hi’ ‘hi’ kind of thing, being friends may resurrect your feelings for him or her, and this gets worse if they have moved on. Always remember you broke up for a reason, don’t be friends with your ex and don’t be enemies either.


Have you ever found yourself in this position where an ex-lover wants to go out with one of your friends? And they both had to seek your permission?

This is very difficult and even more painful if you are still stuck with him or her. Personally, I have no problem with my friend dating my ex, but we’ll cease to be friends from that moment. I don’t have to be in love with my ex to feel betrayed, there are things friends are not supposed to do, when you date your friend’s ex, it’s like a betrayal.

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If your ex-comes up to you asking to date your friend, tell him or her you’re not cool about it, it’s not about harbouring feelings for him, be blunt, and if they don’t listen to you, cut all ties with them.

However, if you were the evil one in the relationship, and your ex-has found love in the arms of your friend, I beg you to leave them alone.


Hmm. Why did you guys break up? Are you sure they are really changed? Yes, you can marry your ex, but you both have to lay new rules for your marriage.

Yes, you can marry your ex, but you both have to lay new rules for your marriage.


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