Finally the conjoined twins are separated in TexasAmazing! Following months of preparation and 15 hours of complex surgery, conjoined sisters Ximena and Scarlett Hernandez-Torres were successfully separated this week at a Corpus Christi, Texas hospital.

The Hernandez-Torres twins are barely 11 months old, but the first year of their lives has been a scary one.

The sisters were born conjoined, alongside a non-conjoined triplet sister, Catalina. They just underwent a rare procedure to be separated. The chance of a triplet birth with conjoined twins is 1 in 50 million.

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Upon their birth in May 2015, the duo were reportedly transferred to a Texas hospital where a team of doctors has been working with them for months to get ready for separation surgery.

According to Fox news, they share a colon and bladder; both of which were reconstructed during surgery.

Ximena and Scarlett
Ximena and Scarlett

Before their surgery, the twins were baptized and had pastor perform the ceremony in the hospital.

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The operation began Tuesday morning and lasted for about 15 hours, though it only took a few hours of the surgery to separate the girls. It took nine surgeons and an overall team of 50 to 60 professionals to pull off the procedure.

“I feel great. Being scared all day, all night, just thinking about surgery,” their father, Raul Torres, said. “I couldn’t ask for better doctors than them. Really, since beginning I knew they were going to take good care of my girls. I couldn’t ask for better ones.”

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As at Wednesday afternoon, Ximena was back in surgery because of problems with her kidney. Scarlett is however said to be doing well so far.




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