You have all heard of how milk provides many important vitamins and nutrients like calcium, among others. But, is cow milk good for health? Although milk itself is an extremely healthy food, the subtle ways that it affects the body can sometimes cause more harm than good.

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Let’s look at some expert views on cow milk benefits and side effects:

1. Cancer

Cow milk is rich in essential nutrients and is also rich in Vitamin D. Although it is generally assumed that this is what makes milk an effective anti-carcinogenic, which reduces cancer risks.

2. Heart Disease

With many experts speaking about the ill-effects of high amounts of saturated fat in whole milk, there are many possible implications of drinking whole milk. Saturated fat can cause complications in diabetics and people who are at risk of heart problems.

According to a research, men who consume more milk experience lowered risk of stroke and heart disease. These results are quite beneficial. Although milk is perceived as harmful and something that increases cardiovascular risk, you need to make every effort to restore milk to its rightful place in a healthy diet.

While another research states that milk consumption and rate of death due to CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) are closely associated.

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3. Bone Health

Milk contains calcium, and you need it for strong bones. It was suggested that one should have four to five servings of calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy products per day.

However, evidence has suggested that milk consumption does not improve bone health. Bone health is related to physical activity and not how much milk or calcium you had as a teen.

In conclusion, it was suggested that the best thing to do is have no more than 2 cups of milk in a day and eat other foods that offer the same kind of nutrients along with the milk.



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