For God so loved the world that he gave…

But wait o! Are we quoting bible passages today? No, my people, we are just taking a look at people’s disposition to love and giving. The world we live in today is so messed up that you hear people saying giving is not the only way to show love. Yes, I agree with you… it’s not the only way but it’s the easiest way.

Even before you and I were born, it has been the trend.

Now, You are wondering how I know… Here’s how. The bible passage quoted above reads; For God so loves the world; Note that God already loved us, but he didn’t wait for us to realise it.

A lot of people with say, giving is not a sign of love, when she/he realises how much I love her/him she will…

love and giving

But that isn’t what the bible is saying… the passage went on to say; that he gave his only begotten son. Now God didn’t just sit waiting for us to realise he loves us, He went ahead to prove his love by Giving us his most precious possession. Jesus Christ.

What am I driving at? It’s simple! Giving is a proof of love. A lot of people these days say love can be shown through other different love languages like;

  • Quality Time,
  • Words Of Affirmation,
  • Acts Of Service (Devotion),
  • And Physical Touch.

But think about it, if God had kept affirming by saying I love you, I love you without giving… would you have believed? I doubt it. Even after giving sef, some people never believe.

Ok, Let’s get practical… How do you show love to the less privileged and homeless? The orphans and displaced persons… is it not by giving? Do you spend quality time with them? Or render services to them? No! Why don’t you go to them and start saying I love you, I love you, Or better still, go and be doing physical touch?… You go chop slam.

Think about it for a sec, how do you feel when people give you things? Don’t you just feel loved? I bet you do. And that’s because no one ever gives out of hatred. You can only give out of love and love alone. Or have you ever heard someone say; I’m giving you this thing because I hate you so much?

On our Dear Davina Column, a lady came seeking for advice. She asked, I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for 2 years but he has never given me anything, should I continue?

Trust Nigerians, all hell broke loose; He is stingy, break up with him, do this, do that were the responses she got. While those people might be right, breaking up wasn’t my first thought. My first thought was; Have you ever given him anything? If No, then go ahead and break up. Why? Because there’s no love at all from both sides.

Ladies get in here; Who says the man has to be the first to give and must keep giving? Una no dey give. Abi na only man dey prove love?

There is no law that says a man has to give first, a lady can also be the first to give. We all know the society we live in is pretty messed up, but the society shouldn’t determine who we are.

Men, Women… Learn to show love, learn to give. Give to your spouse, give to the needy, give alms, give to anyone giveable.

It’s not just for them but for you also. Even the bible says: A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16.

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