The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday asked the federal government to restrict travels of non-Nigerians from countries worst-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes after the Senate adopted a point of order raised at the plenary session by its health committee chairman, Ibrahim Oloriegbe.

Oloriegbe, however, said that travels should only be allowed based on its importance.

“If it is possible, people should not travel to countries with high risk of the cases especially in Europe where many countries are affected, unless such trips are very important,” he said.

“Government should also consider disallowing non-Nigerians from countries of high risk from entering the country. Government should also increase capacity about checking airports.

“Government has to step up the testing capacity, and provide support for state governments.”

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Senate President Ahmad Lawan, who agreed with his submission, said it was pertinent for the federal government to do more in testing centres.

“We are very lucky and fortunate, but we shouldn’t push our luck too far. We should be very observant of all those regulations the technical experts give us,” he said.

“There is need for federal government to do a little more, especially in the area of testing centres. The entire north and south-east have no testing centres and it shouldn’t be so.

“Also, for the isolation centres the state governments are building, the ministry of health should come out with a standard which will be replicated in all the states.

“So we need to through our committees, ensure we work with the ministry of health to work with the states to ensure the isolation centres are standardised.”

You Closed Border For Rice But Opened It For Coronavirus, Omokri, Fani-Kayode Bash Buhari

A former minister of aviation Femi Fani-Kayode and former presidential aide Reno Omokri have berated President Muhammadu Buhari over the non-closure of the country’s border.

Omokri and Fani-Kayode, who are strong critics of Buhari-led administration aired their opinions on their Twitter handles.

The former aviation minister, in his tweet, said the president refused to address the citizens on coronavirus and still opened the border for Chinese and other afflicted countries.

“Not only do you refuse to formally address our people &offer them hope on the Covid 19 plague but you have also refused to close our borders. Instead, you have declared them open to the Chinese, Europeans, Iranians, Italians, Americans &all other afflicted nations. Shame on you!” he tweeted.

“How can you close your border for rice and open it for #CoronaVirus and have the audacity to call yourself a leader? If #COVID19 kills your citizens, who will eat the rice you are protecting? Are rice and fuel more important than human beings who will buy them?” he tweeted.


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