Coronavirus: Should you stop dating for now?

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With COVID-19 top of mind, how does it change the dating landscape? Can you catch the Coronavirus from kissing or having sex?

For starters, many locations for dates have shut down, the number of spots ideal for dating has diminished. And yes, you can catch the virus from kissing, as the main way COVID-19 is transmitted is through respiratory droplets, which make their way from infected individuals into the mouth or nose of someone nearby.

Add this information to the equation of meeting someone new for a first date, and suddenly it doesn’t sound so sexy when you’re worrying your date might show up sniffling and you don’t even have a history with this person.

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So how do you date in the age of the coronavirus?

Some of you might take a pass on dating altogether, but others can successfully date safely if you consider implementing these measures.

Here are 14 dating dos and don’ts during the novel coronavirus.

Do log on to apps and chat more often with singles, as during times of crisis, the need to create a bond with a potential date is elevated.

Don’t worry about cancelling a date. Let the person know you’d like to postpone until you feel safe being in crowds.

Do let your potential date know you’re COVID-19 free before you meet.

Don’t show up on a date wearing a mask and gloves, or it will send your date running for the hills.

Do schedule a facetime date, or an in-app video chat instead of meeting IRL to keep the spark going, or you’ll risk the dreaded slow fade.

Don’t interrogate your date as to when the last time they sneezed, or if they’ve taken the COVID-19 test. It’s not the same convo you should be having about getting tested for STDs.

Do a fist-bump welcome when you meet instead of a hug.

Don’t spend the whole night talking about the coronavirus. Instead, try to keep it light.

Do carry hand sanitizer, and offer some to your date if you’re at a restaurant.

Don’t lean in for a kiss at the end of the night, as a wink will do.

Do proudly wash your hands if you’re out dining on a date.

Don’t stick around if someone near you starts coughing.

Do schedule a Netflix and Chill night if you’ve gone on a few dates already.

While there’s so much we don’t know about the coronavirus, don’t give up on dating and finding love. It’s time to be creative, and you’ve got this.

The coronavirus will force singles to vet their dates with a strong digital eye and will result in a slow-style of dating, which isn’t such a bad idea.


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