An official of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has allegedly shot dead a man over N5000 bribe, with the video going viral on the internet.

DD understands that in the video, some commuters from a commercial bus were seen arguing with Customs officials in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

However, others stood, watching their fellow commuters battle it out with the officials.

From the video, one of the commuters was heard telling an official not to touch his mobile phone.

And as the argument raged on, a voice was heard urging an official of the Nigerian Customs to “Shoot him” with a gun going off immediately after.

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The development led other persons at the scene of the incident to flee as some of the commuters shouted, in pidgin English that a Customs official has killed someone.

The video clips, did not, however, show the officer pulling the trigger but it captured a gun-clutching Customs official standing over the man’s body after he had been shot dead.

In the video, the officials of the Federal Government agency tried to leave the scene but the commuters prevented them from doing so.

The development has however drawn condemnation from Nigerians with the Customs Service describing the incident as “disturbing.”

Watch the video clips as seen below:

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has said it is investigating an alleged shooting of a man by an official of the federal government agency.

In a reaction to the development, the Nigerian Customs said “itis painful and totally unnecessary to lose life in anti-smuggling operations, today at Shagamu interchange along Ijebu Ode, attempt to obstruct lawful performance of duty by passengers of a commercial bus (a white Toyota Hiace) suspected to be carrying bales of used clothing led to the death of a young man (Godwin) and serious injury of a Customs Officer, ASC1, Destiny Onebamho.

“Contrary to some narratives, the young man was not a passenger of the bus but a good citizen who always come to fetch water for Customs Patrol men anytime they return to the base.”

In addition, it added that “Preliminary finding indicates that it was during the skirmishes and struggle to disarm the Officer that the rifle discharged and hit the friend of the Customs (Godwin) who lost his life.

“The Service is already in touch with the bereaved family.

“Sadly, it should be noted that while attention shifted to the dead and the wounded, the passengers who filmed with inciting commentaries boarded their vehicle and left, leaving the wrong impression that it was one of them that was killed.

“While the wounded Officer is under intensive care at the hospital, the patrol team has been recalled to the office for further investigation.”

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