He wanted to take that bastard down more than anything, he also wanted to destroy Mmayen for humiliating him, and he hated her so much, he hated her more for being with him.


A Bride For November S2- Epi Two


‘Ife!’ Marian screamed as she stared at him, what the hell was going on in his life? He looked totally different from the man she’d once known. He looked disheveled, he smelt horrible, almost like a lunatic.

‘I am sorry about the way I spoke to you, you don’t need to worry about this…’ he pointed a finger at himself.

‘Huh?’ her mouth fell open.

‘Yes, I’ve got myself under control now, I was a bit terrified and depressed’ he responded and then widened the gate so she could come in.

She stepped in carefully, not too sure if the man before her was in his right frame of mind, for the news she was about to share.

‘We need to deal with Damola fast, we need to end him before he takes away my shine’ Ifedayo licked his lips, he felt so nervous, he wanted things to go back to the way they’d always been in Tomato Island; where he was the only business mogul and Legacy empire the only one that existed.

Marian was not too sure about that, she had only said those words to cajole him. In fact, her fight with Ife was over, she was no longer on his side; she had come to tell him something different. She had a new battle to fight and the battle had nothing to do with Damola or Ifedayo, it had everything to do with Mmayen.


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Ife kept telling her about everything Ubong had said, but she didn’t respond, this baffled him, was she even listening at all?

‘Marian, are you alright?’ He paused and looked into her large eyes.

‘Ife…’ she rubbed her palms together, not knowing where to start from.

‘Yes…any problem?’ He took a deep breath to settle himself.

‘I have been thinking this past week, I have carefully observed how our lives had panned out. You once loved me and then you dumped me for my cousin Mmayen, and after that, we kept cheating together…’ she waited as he cut in.

‘What are you driving at?’ He raised a brow, fury slowly traveling from his spine to his head.

‘I don’t want us to be together anymore. Now Mmayen is out of the way, you can find yourself another woman to love; she would be really hurt if I date you. You and I can never happen and I am being honest’ she answered.

‘You’re kidding, right? Wait, is today, fool’s day?’ Ife chuckled; he stopped as he realized she was being serious.

‘I am serious, dead serious Ife. Let us be true to ourselves, we never loved each other, we just enjoyed the sex. So now everything is over, let us move on with our lives!’ She threw her hands in the air.

He was silent for some minutes; his dark eyes carefully scrutinized her. He had not seen this coming; he had not expected this blow that Marian had launched at him, why was she doing this? How could she leave him now when he needed her the most?

‘Why?’ tears welled up in his eyes.

‘I am sorry, this is the right thing to do’ she replied feeling so relieved. Now the coast was clear, she was going to chase after the love of her life and she would uproot anything that stood in her path.

‘You are a snake Marian…’ Ife licked his lips as his fingers curled together. He knew who Marian was, he knew what thrilled her and the things that made her sad; she was that transparent and he could already see the reason why she was leaving.

‘Excuse me?’ her heart leapt as his accusing eyes bored right deep into her.


You Are Reading: A Bride For November S2- Epi Two

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Ife wiped his tears and moved closer to where she stood, he didn’t bother about his stinking breath; he just wanted to send her a message, one that would bring her back to her right senses.

‘Do you think that I am a fool? Why do you suddenly care about your cousin? We have cheated on her severally all these years; you encouraged me to hit her so she would break up with me; you even encouraged me and fed me with the idea of terminating her last pregnancy. How dare you propose a break-up?’

She was scared as she looked into his eyes; she had not expected this response.

‘Ife, I know we did all these together, but it’s in the past. We have to move on with our lives. I am a changed person and I don’t want Mmayen hurting anymore on my account’ Marian replied.

She had not seen this one coming, she had not known that Ife would be so clingy, how would she work herself through this one?

‘You want to leave me now because you must have heard that my family is about to lose everything…you never loved me, you were always there for the money’ his voice was low, Marian was breaking his heart.

‘What?’ Marian’s eyes widened, this was the first time she was hearing this.

‘Yes, I am not sure of it, but there is an iota of truth in what I heard. You want to leave me because I would no longer be the Ife that you knew a d fell in love with’ he replied.

She could see the truth in his eyes, he was not lying. She even felt more excited, that she had taken the decision to leave him before learning of this new development.

What business did Marian have a broke man? How would Ife survive the shame of losing everything and submitting to Damola?

‘No…’ she shook her head, that was the reason she needed to move to the winning team.

‘It is true, but that should not be enough reason for you to leave me’ he said.

‘Let us come up with a plan, we could still work together, we could destroy Damola somehow and take all that belongs to him’ Ife searched his mind for ideas, his eyes were shut.

Marian scoffed as she stared at him, what Ife didn’t understand was that she was already through with him. She was in love with someone else, and that someone was Damola, how could she hurt the man that she loved?

‘I don’t want to do anything that would hurt Mmayen, she is in love with Damola and I wouldn’t want to ruin her happiness’ Marian lied, using Mmayen as a cover would not make him suspicious of the feelings she had for Damola.

‘Fuck Mmayen!’ Ife cried in a loud voice, staggering backward.

‘I am sorry Ife, I didn’t mean for us to end like this’ she cried.

‘If you leave me, I would tell Mmayen about what we did to her baby and how we were sleeping with each other…’ Ife steadied himself and stared at her.

Marian’s knees felt weak, they almost gave way but she maintained her stand. One look at his blazing eyes told her he was not bluffing.

How was she going to get herself out of this mess?


………To be continued

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