She couldn’t help but moan out loud her pleasure as he sucked her boobs which were fully engorged with blood. The heat from this passion melted every resolve in her, and she welcomed the moisture that pelted from the sacred fountain between her legs.
Anosike relished every bit of the pleasure he was offering. Her moans were his aphrodisiac. Obiajulu knew how to spur a man on, unlike his wife who would lie like a log of wood. Oriaku was a very boring woman, and he sometimes wondered what had attracted him to her.
“Are you ready?” He whispered.
“Please…” she moaned as his fingers began a journey to the middle of her legs.
Anosike found the golden spot where her nectar flowed from. Gently, he parted the petals of her flower, and began to caress the golden knob which was the centre of all her pleasure.
She writhed and screamed. His hands had found the place that she yearned to be touched. She cried out his name to the forest. Even the crickets and night birds were stunned by such a strange sound. Anosike smiled, Obiajulu really missed him. He could swear on his life, that this woman wouldn’t be able to live without him.
He felt the tension of her tender laps. Soon, her pleasure ride would come to an end, but he couldn’t allow that. He wanted them to mate at once. He wanted them to be complete together. So he untied the wrapper around his waist and parted her legs wider.
“I love you,” he said. But she didn’t respond because her senses were dulled by the intensity of the sexual delight.
He drove his hard shaft into her sharply. Obiajulu gasped and spread her legs to allow him full entrance. She cried his name all through the ride. Anosike was used to the feel of her soft core. But tonight seemed very different, the pleasure he derived from her softness was greater. If he didn’t know Obiajulu well, he would have accused her of making use of some magical plants to sweeten her womanhood.
Unknown to them, the goddess of the moon was about to bless them with a seed. Anosike poured out the seed into her, and her womb was filled with special warmth. Obiajulu cried out his name as she found her release.
“You were amazing tonight. If I didn’t know you well enough, I would’ve accused you of using a charm on me.” Anosike broke the comfortable silence that was.
She smiled and leaned closer to him. Obiajulu wished this was real. She wished Anosike was her husband in reality.
“You always make me happy. Why did we not marry each other?” A rueful smile curled her lips.
Anosike moved away from her and straightened on the mat. He had asked himself the same question all over again. At first, their relationship seemed more of lust, but he discovered that he shared many things in common with her. They were highly ambitious and ruthless. And they loved each other that way.
“Fate, the gods,” he shrugged.
“The gods be damned. The gods are dead.” Obiajulu scoffed, but he quickly corrected her.
“Don’t speak disrespectfully of the gods, my darling.”
She sighed, “I spoke to Oriaku today. I believe that you saw us.”
“Yes, what did she say?” Oriaku’s husband asked.
“Did she ask you to bring that slave into my house?” Obiajulu would take a decision from the manner that he would answer the question. Obiajulu had a feeling that Oriaku knew about their affair but she wasn’t sure.
Anosike could read her face like a book.
“I do not love Oriaku. It is you that matter to me. I had to let her bring the slave to your home else she would have exposed us!”
“Expose us? How did she get to know about us?” Obiajulu snapped at him. She was irritated by weak men who couldn’t take decisions on their own, and Anosike was one of such men.
“You are being angry for nothing. Oriaku is a halfwit. Just leave her to me; I know how to handle her.” He tried to sound convincing.
Obiajulu chuckled, “If you knew how to handle her, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Your wife knows about us and she is trying to ruin my marriage with that slave girl. Adaora is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen, and no sane man will resist her if she is set to seduce him.”
“I can resist her. Her beauty does not match yours,” Anosike said this proudly.
“That is not the point. My husband is a kindhearted man and that fool may want to use that against him. Do you know that he gave her some of my wrappers to wear?” Obiajulu was still pissed as she recalled seeing her clothes on Adaora’s fair skin.
Anosike was upset that he had failed her, and it was all Oriaku’s fault.
“Do not be angry my Queen, I will handle Oriaku.”
“You better do, she is really getting on my nerves.” Obiajulu warned.
The lovers rose to their feet and began to dress. Anosike’s mind was saturated with anger. He would give Oriaku the beating of her life, until she learned to mind her business.
On the other hand, Obiajulu decided to ignore Adaora for now. She was more interested in convincing her husband to take the throne. She couldn’t wait to become that which she had always dreamt of- a Queen.
“Are you still angry with me?” Anosike pulled her into his arms.
Obiajulu ignored him, “Just handle that wife of yours.”

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Oriaku had returned to an empty house, she wasn’t surprised. She had expected her husband to meet with his lover somewhere, as they had planned. The woman was no longer bothered by Anosike’s foolish ways. She had found something else to occupy her mind. The Queen mother had opened up to her when the King had vacated the meeting room. It was a matter of great confidentiality and she felt humbled to beg granted access to such information.
The Queen had given her a job, and she was going to work on that. She was to observe Adaora for some weeks, and give a report on the overall character to the Royal family. They weren’t sure if she was the woman that the oracle had spoken about, but they needed to groom her first.
“I can hardly wait,” Oriaku thought to herself. When she was done pondering on all the events that had taken place in her day, she decided to take some rest. Oriaku’s eyes were half closed when she heard a violent tapping on her door.
“Open this door you fool!” Anosike grumbled.
Only a foolish woman would be unaware of what was about to take place. Oriaku was no longer scared of Anosike. He could rot in the grave, for all that she cared. She had confirmed her greatest fears and she had accepted them. Anosike was no longer in love with her; he was also cheating on her with Chinedum’s wife. She knew Anosike’s secrets and she would use them against him.
Before now, Oriaku had confronted Obiajulu at her husband’s farm. She was quite sure that Obiajulu had put Anosike up to this. Oriaku decided to ignore his raging rants. When he was tired, he would retire for the night.
But Anosike wasn’t tired. His lover had put him up to a task, and he had to accomplish it. He needed to regain power over Oriaku, which was the only way that he would have a smooth relationship with Obiajulu again. He cherished his darling and wouldn’t let anything happen to her.
“Open this door right now or I will break it down and send you out of my house!” Anosike barked.
Oriaku scoffed. At first, she had wanted to ignore him, but his yelling only increased. Sensing that Anosike had come to beat her again, Oriaku rose to her feet and carried her lamp towards the corner where she kept some sharp objects. There was a pestle among the items, so she picked it.
“This would do,” she whispered. She had sworn on her life not to endure Anosike’s beatings any longer. If he was that brave, he should go and beat up Obiajulu.
Oriaku pulled open the door without hesitation, as expected, Anosike had come with seven long canes to whip her.
“My husband, you seem very angry…” she hid her weapon behind her.
“You dirty fool! What did you say to Obiajulu at the farm?” Anosike quickly shut the door and threw the canes on the ground.
Oriaku smiled and shifted back, “Whose word would you rather believe, the word of your wife or mistress?”
She wasn’t done with her statement when she felt a hot and burning slap against her cheeks.
“You have bitten more than you can chew. You have grown wings in my house but I would clip them today!”
He lowered himself and fetched a cane. But he wasn’t fast enough as Oriaku had seized this opportunity to render him powerless. She inhaled a deep breath, lifted her weapon into the air and let it crash on his left shoulder.
Anosike gave a loud scream. The pain was unexpected and deep. With his eyes, he witnessed the river of blood from his hands.
“What did you do?” He staggered and fell.
“I have had your beatings enough. If you knew you wouldn’t love me and be faithful, then you shouldn’t have married me. If you ever lay your filthy hands on me again, the whole land would know about your affair with Obiajulu!”

To be continued…

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