The ruthless king roamed the palace as he waited for the arrival of the men he had sent on an errand to the King of Ezeudo. For many centuries, the Kingdoms weren’t at peace with each other. There was a legend of two brothers, Ezeudo and Amabara who were once best friends. They loved each other dearly, as they had drank from the same river of breast milk, Ala. But Ezeudo grew stronger and more powerful. He overshadowed his brother in all things. The earth mother spirit favored him, and the spirits of the valleys and mountains loved him. Amabara grew jealous and tried to kill his brother. When Ezeudo learned of this plan, he took his family and fled to an empty valley land which he called Ezeudo.
Since then, the people from these two kingdoms were always at war with each other.
“Why are you restless my son? The gods had spoken through their mouthpiece, the prophecy had been before you were born. Do not worry yourself. Ikemba does not know what will befall him soon,” Ehuru said.
Eze Chimelie was the youngest King in history. He was two years older than the King of Ezeudo, but Ikemba had achieved more than he did. Ikemba was the most powerful ruler in all of the Eastern Lands. He was the wealthiest man alive, and all the Kings surrendered to his authority.
Chimelie had grown jealous and insecure. Luckily for him, his mother, Ehuru, was still alive to guide him in all things. Ehuru was confident that her son would be the break the curse that bound all Amabara men from being prosperous as the men of Ezeudo.
She wanted her son to be the most powerful and revered King on the planet. But Ikemba of Ezeudo was standing in the way of that. However, the gods of the land had spoken through a priest. There was only one way to defeat Ezeudo. Only when the moon virgin was discovered and married to Chimelie would the curse be broken.
With the help of the priest and some wise men in the Kingdom, Ehuru had learned of a moon virgin that escaped the raid at Anyanwa. It was her men that had raided the village and slain everyone. They had gone there under the guise of slave traders. Unlike many people, she was a very practical and curious woman. Most people didn’t believe that the magical land of Anyanwa existed in the physical. She hadn’t believed it as well. But she had decided to risk the lives of her son’s warriors to find it.
She had been told from the men when they had returned that the moon virgin had been stolen from some bandits on their way back. She was taken to the slave market.
“What if this moon virgin isn’t found? What will happen to my throne? I cannot sit in the shadows for too long. I want to destroy Ikemba. I want to take his throne and all of his wives. I want to avenge my father’s death. I want Ikemba to be my slave!” The King barked at his mother.
Ehuru smiled, “Don’t you trust your mother? We have come too far to fail. I have spies in Ezeudo and they told me about a slave girl that their oracle had named as the next Queen.
It is a taboo for free born to marry slave, how much less, a King. I had to think very well. The only slave that was worthy of such a great honor would be this moon virgin. I believe that the men have seen her. They will bring her safely to you, and she will be your Queen. With the great powers inside of her, she will help you to conquer Ikemba and other Kingdoms as well.”
When Chimelie heard this, he welcomed the wicked grin that had been welling up inside of his heart.
“You are the best mother in the world.”
Ehuru nodded, “And history will remember you for being the most powerful King that walked upon the surface of the earth.”

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