‘Focus. Think of nothing else but Ganla, that way you’ll be able to get what he is trying to tell you.’ Devan made her sit on the floor, so she could be very relaxed.
She closed her eyes, and listened carefully to his instructions. She thought of Ganla and the good times they had shared together.

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She thought about his growling and cries whenever she was in battle, or the fear she always saw in his eyes, whenever an attacker pushed her to the ground.
Her heart was beating fast as blurry images of a tall man speaking to Ganla flashed through her mind. It was as if she was staring at a book and the pages were being opened too quickly.
‘You need to stay still, control your breathing, else you wouldn’t see the images clearly.’ He massaged her shoulders, so she could relax even more.
‘How…?’ She paused, the moment she remembered that he had told her to relax.
‘How did I know what you’re passing through?’ He guessed that was the question she had meant to ask him.
He smiled and caressed her hair lightly, ‘I know a lot about you Aisis, even more than you know about your own self. Enough talking now, focus on the pictures.
This is the only way to know the message that Ganla was trying to send to you.’
She nodded and concentrated on finding out what Ganla had for her.
They were flying towards the city of Emerald in her mind’s eyes. Ganla was very happy that day as she had fed him with enough apples, he had been chasing the wind and she had been happy to see him this way.
Days back, He had  lost a twin, and this had made him very depressed and withdrawn.
Suddenly, a bright light covered the field and Ganla began to breathe out fire, almost throwing her to the ground.
‘What is this light?’ She jumped down from his back and approached the light.
She was afraid, her hands were shaky but she was careful not to show it. Nobody could see through her, no one could see through her weakness.
Just as she was about to march through the white light, she felt a gentle touch on her shoulders. It was the hands of a man. She froze; she had not expected anyone to follow her here. She had been having a swell time with herself and her dragon.
She gathered some courage and turned around, she was even more shocked this time.
His eyes were blood shot, he seemed lifeless and different. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing in this place, in her vision.
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked.
She rubbed her eyes gently, to be sure that this was not a magic trick to lure her into a trap.
‘Sig?’ She swallowed the ball of trepidation that had risen in her throat.
She searched her white dress for her dagger and pulled it out. His silence was deafening. It was annoying.
‘Can you just talk to me? Look, I don’t have much time and this vision would soon end. What message does Ganla have for me?’ She asked, hoping that he would answer her.
‘I should have told you a long time ago, I am sorry Milady.’ Sig replied.
‘Told me what?’ Aisis was tired of his zombie like state.
‘The truth, what is coming is evil.’ He replied.
‘What truth? Can you just go straight to the point?’ She barked at him, even in real life, this guard had always gotten on her nerves.
‘I failed you…I failed the whole Kingdom. The dark lords are coming for you soon, you need to run. A heavy price has been paid so you could be captured. Please run as fast as you can, go back to Emerald.’
She was tired of listening to Sig, ‘I wish my horse could talk, because you’re saying gibberish.’
Sig’s face brightened, ‘The Queen was kidnapped by the dark lords, and they want your blood in exchange for her release.’
Her heart jolted at once as she realized that Sig had been trying so hard to deliver a message from the King but she had refused to listen, she had been so impatient.
‘Sig!’ She yelled as the vision faded from her eyes.
‘Aisis, we must go now, I just had a vision.’ Devan’s stern voice broke the connection she had with Ganla and the sparks of the imprint magic faded.
‘Devan, I was right. We are in trouble. The Queen has been kidnapped and they want me in her place.’ Aisis rose to her feet, consumed with indignation to do what was right for the capital city of Emerald.
Before they could know what was happening, arrows dropped right at their feet, with one, almost piercing through Ganla.
‘Devan!’ She screamed, hoping he wouldn’t transform again and leave and leave her in this chaotic situation.
He grabbed her quickly and helped her on the horse.
‘I am with you Aisis, if you had listened to me, we would be far gone from this City, always listen to me.’ He gave the dragon a kick, propelling the tired animal into action.
                 Aisis is a sequel to Black Sparta and Blue Valley

‘Where are we going?’ Aisis asked, she had not expected that sort of attack.
‘I don’t know, but we just have to find a place to hide. Even if I transform, I may not be able to save you all.’ Devan complained.
Aisis felt slightly guilty that she had not listened to him. Maybe if she had, they wouldn’t have been present at the time of the attack. She also reminded herself that if she had left with Devan , she would have missed Ganla, who’d come searching for her.
She focused on the rough terrain ahead of them. Devan was leading the dragon through a bush path because he was too tired to fly, which looked desolate and abandoned for a long time.
She closed her eyes and tried to remember the details of what Sig had told her.
‘But what if those were my thoughts? What if Sig was only in my imagination’ she asked him.
‘There’s no magic as powerful and all knowing as the imprint magic. Whatever you saw there, is real. The Queen has been kidnapped and you are to be the ransomed. Can’t you see? This explains everything.’
He wished he could stop talking, his skin tingled all over as his magic tried to tell him something, but he didn’t want to interrupt her. He knew how heavy her burden was, it was not easy being the haunted.
‘True, it explains why the dark lords want me. And this must make Aemon very restless because he will be torn between his wife and I.’ Aisis felt really sad for her brother.
He was a good man, and didn’t deserve all of this.
‘I know you are worried about him, he is a good king. He is the best King Emerald has ever had in a thousand years.’ Devan whispered.
‘Yes…’ she suddenly became self aware as his lips brushed her ear lobes lightly. And this made her turn red.
‘He is the reason a lot of gifted ones are still alive today.’ Devan murmured.
He had a little history with the King, but he had never shared it with Aisis. He had tasted of the king’s goodness once, now he had to repay him back for his kindness. The only thing that kept him from residing in Emerald, was that Aemon knew he had feelings for his sister and he wasn’t supportive of that.
Devan cringed at the thought of Aisis being married off to another vampire king.
‘ He is a perfect man. He treats his servants well, and the people as well.’ She smiled as she thought about the King.
She didn’t know much about Devan’s background, this made her really curious. Did he have parents? Siblings or any living relative
Aisis secretly yearned to know more about Devan, but she didn’t have the courage to face him with personal questions.

To be continued….

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