‘Even Queen Chisom, is kindhearted, she takes after her husband and that is why I have to do everything to save her.’ Aisis cried.
Everything that was happening was her fault. Devan was right, she was stubborn and that attitude always got into the way of things.
She was tired of living that life, she secretly vowed to do anything he asked of her.
If only she had spared Sig one minute, she would have learned of the Queen’s disappearance. That would have given her enough time to prepare, and she would have an upper hand in the game that the dark lords were trying to play.
‘What is on your mind?’ He noticed she was quiet, her thoughts were far from this bush path.

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‘Nothing.’ She lied, but he knew her too well, ‘You always blush when you lie.’ He stared at her ears which had turned a bright red.
Aisis closed her eyes, how could one person know her so well.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, all I am interested in, is finding the Queen and getting the hell out of here.’
‘Of course, we will find the Queen, I think I know where they are.’ He murmured.
‘I have seen Lord Vion’s temple, she must be held there.’ Aisis was certain.
Her confidence amused Devan greatly, ‘You don’t really believe that do you? Vion would never keep the princess there, knowing we could easily find him. I know just where to go.’
Aisis was not pleased with his teasing, but she let the matter die.
‘How had the men found us? You were certain no one followed you home.’ She started…
Devan quickly explained to her that anything could be made possible in the Dark City.
‘But it would cost them something great, even a life, to pull that kind of magic. It is not easy to track someone like you, magically.’ he continued.
Devan was no match for her, he was exposed and experienced but she was more powerful than he was.
Ganla was still moving forward when a branch of a tree fell across their path.
‘We are being surrounded.’ Devan quickly touched the dragon’s belly to make it stop.
‘I guess they followed us.’ Aisis pulled out her dagger and readied herself for battle.
‘What is our plan? We still need to save the Queen.’ Devan pulled out his sword from the scabbard and waited for the attackers to show themselves.
Aisis didn’t need anyone to tell her that the battle would be fierce; she had to let Ganla go, so that she wouldn’t endanger him.
‘Ganla darling, look at me…’ she readied herself to do the imprint magic. She needed him to find his way back to Emerald.
‘Ready yourself Aisis, I have a feeling the lower angels were sent after us.’ He noticed how quickly the creatures moved.
‘Hurry! Run’ She pushed the dragon away, and he broke into a race a minute after, before flapping its enormous wings and flying into the sky.
Satisfied with Ganla’s exit, she could now focus on other things.
‘Where were we?’ She grabbed her dagger and focused all her attention on the three men she had sighted on the branches of a tree, looking downwards, towards where she stood.

                       Aisis is a sequel to Black Sparta and Blue Valley
‘There are seven altogether.’ Aisis called out to Devan in her mind.
She had harnessed her mind communication powers, and it was times like this, that the magic really proved useful.
‘They have one lower angel with them, we need to clear them and hurry to the Temple, before the others catch up with us.’ He whispered back, in his mind.
Her forehead wrinkled as she focused on the men, she couldn’t wait to rip out their heart and plunge her short knife into their chests, for daring to stop her.
‘What temple are you talking about?’
‘A fortress where all kinds of black magic is practiced,’ He explained.
‘And how do you hope to get us in there?’ Aisis asked.
‘I have a plan, why don’t we focus on killing these flies instead?’ He asked.
Aisis felt her blood bubble, there was this excitement she always felt right before the kill and she was feeling it all over again.
‘I see you vampire princess, why not surrender yourself before it is too late. The dark lords are kind and merciful and they have given you just one chance, why not take it?’
The fiercest warrior was the one addressing her.
‘And what if I refuse to surrender myself?’ She asked.
‘Well, we will be forced to take you against your will.’ The warrior replied.
‘Come and try.’ She yelled at the top of her voice, then threw her dagger upwards. The object pierced the heart of the warrior at once! He tumbled upon the ground with a loud scream.
The battle had just begun!
That hit had not been expected, she had set confusion in their midst, this was the best time to attack.
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Devan was impressed by her fighting skills. He was proud to be friends with her, he had thought her how to fight better and she was doing a good job, protecting herself and the people of Emerald from bad seeds like the dark lords.
He searched the depth of his soul, till he was able to come close to an energy source, which enabled him to jump towards a tree where he met three warriors.
‘I am sorry guys, but you have to go down,’ He pushed the first man against the second, and the first fall let all of them to the ground.
‘Hia!’ Aisis kicked the third man that had come towards her. She had already succeeded in killing two men, and Devan had taken down just one, so they still had some work to do.
He staggered but quickly regained his stamina and charged towards her like a hungry lion, looking for whom to devour.
Aisis knew that her knife would not help her to defeat this man, she lowered herself and grabbed the hilt of the first man she had slain.
‘I will take you down bitch and feed your body to the birds.’ He grunted.
‘Try me.’ She grinned and hopped into the middle of the air.
Before the man could regain from the shock, she stabbed him from behind, tearing open his stomach, leaving his intestines open for a feast. The scavengers would have a field day.
When she turned round, she noticed that Devan was done with his quota. But there was still one problem: it seemed the lower angel was nowhere to be found.
‘I wonder where it is gone…’ Aisis wiped the blood that had spilled on her hands against her white dress.
‘We don’t need to bother about that, it is better we run now or we may never make it out of this woods.’ Devan grabbed her hand and gently led her towards the entrance of the woods.
She followed without questioning, knowing that he had plans that would lead them straight to the Queen.

To be continued…….

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